TH (25 Sep 2016)


Welcome to "GeezerHood" !    What is "Geezerhood" ?   Geezerhood is where you find
yourself after 70 and on S.S.  Since you aren't able to produce the "Big Bucks", you
find out you are no longer as relevant as you once were. All of your "wisdom" seems
to have disappeared, along with your ability to produce $...   Have we become stupid
because we don't make the big $ anymore...?   The "Smarts" we possessed to make
the $ all of our "loved" ones benefitted from seems to have become irrelevant in our
Dotage.  It didn't used to be this way.  Oldsters used to be HONORED for bringing
their offspring to a higher level due to their efforts and ethics of HARD WORK and
THRIFT.  This is a SURE SIGN that satan is gaining ground.  All the of the tenets of
of Honor and Respect, have been relegated to those who run the "Homes"......GOD
Bless 'em if they are sincere in their care us the old ones. This is just another reason
for GOD to start HIS Judgement against a generation that satan has convinced of
of their own self-importance and value.  It CAN'T be much longer.  The disobedience
of "Honoring ones Parents" is just one more reason to "Look Up".  I know for a FACT
that this disregard of those who have struggled for their kids and now have been
cast aside, will have to PAY a Price for ignoring one of GOD'S most important
Commands. So what can we "geezers" do to warn those we Love, that they are going
against one of GOD'S most important Commands?  I honestly don't know.  All we
can do, those of us that have a Speaking Relationship with HIM, is to PRAY for them
that they WAKE UP to what the LORD has put forth for Mankind to Follow.  They
(Our Loved Ones) are ignoring this to their own peril. All we can do at this point is to
PRAY for them, that they come to Understand what JESUS was/ is ALL ABOUT.
HE is about LOVE ! !  Unconditional and Un- ending.  We hope with all of our Hearts
that they (our Loved ones) come to understand that before it's too late for them.
As we experience our "bodily shut down", we ask for a quick and painless death, but
we worry for those we Love,  knowing that they aren't "in touch" cuz their behavior
is a sure sign they aren't "With the Lord" or their behavior would be different.  So
whose the "Loser" ?  Not Us !   We can "Sense" their Lack of Relationship with the
HOLY SPIRIT that WE HAVE, and can Recognize the LACK thereof in others, even in
our Loved Ones.  Who has Failed here ?  Have we ?  Is there something we can do
to "fix" it ?  We can,  IF...we HEAR HIS VOICE !  This is my Greatest Fear is my loved ones

                                           MARANATHA ,

                                                    T H