Taylor (25 Sep 2016)
"Vladimir Putin & WWIII"

Source: EU Times -

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war!” BREAKING ALL NEWS! This is not a joke! We are talking about the most dangerous event which could ever happen to humanity since World War 2. US intelligence officials say Putin has begun construction on new nuclear-proof underground bunkers and missile silos.

We are talking about World War 3. Just to capture your attention, please be aware that World War 3 means the END. This is not a conventional war where a huge boot steps on an ant like in the case of USA vs Afghanistan or USA vs Iraq. In fact there is no versus there whatsoever. The USA is a 6-pack bully while these backwards stone age countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are just that: stone age primitive countries unable to properly fight back but PLEASE we beg you to use your brains! Russia is not Iraq! Russia is tremendously advanced from a nuclear standpoint – beyond American standards.

Hillary Clinton poses the highest security threat to Russia ever. It doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is that Russia is feeling extremely threatened by NATO’s expansion to the East, closer to its borders than ever before.

America is now building strong military bases in Poland and Romania and furthermore they just stole Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of influence while they are accusing Russia of being evil because it rightfully took Crimea through a democratic referendum in which the majority voted to join Russia. Soon America will talk about building bases in Ukraine just like they did with Poland and Romania, moving even closer to Russia. Back in 1991 Bush promised the last Soviet leader Gorbachev that if he agrees to take down the Iron Curtain, the West will not expand eastward and it will respect its borders and its Soviet borders (including Ukraine). Former Soviet leader Gorbachev expressed anger and betrayal over what he regarded as America’s “victory complex” over Russia.

Do you think the Russians are stupid? Do you think they don’t care? You are wrong! They do care and they are not stupid.
Russia just sent like 40.000 troops to its border with Ukraine. Russia has now started an emergency building of dozens of new nuclear-proof bunkers and nuclear missile silos. Among these preparations, Russia is also testing its new stealth nuclear rocket called Satan 2 which is capable of wiping out a territory as big as Texas with only one single warhead.

Russia is feeling so threatened that they are now considering attacking first in case this woman wins the White House. Russia might strike first in a preemptive strike, seeking to have the advantage of surprise attack. This is exactly what happened in World War 2. Hitler felt threatened by Stalin and he thought Stalin might attack him any time, so, preemptively he decided to strike first in what is known as Operation Barbarossa. Hitler lost, but millions died in the war on both sides. They didn’t have nukes back then and if they had, they would have used them, make no mistake about it. America used them on Japan, twice actually, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What makes you think they won’t use nukes this time? Putin is now in Hitler’s shoes (not ideologically of course). Putin feels threatened by both Obama and Hillary. Putin believes that she will strike first and it’s enough to start a war. He is strongly considering to start the war himself. Look! For God’s sake this is right out of THEIR press. Poor sucker countries who are acting like buffer zones, such as Romania and Poland, will be wiped out in just a few minutes if Putin decides to strike. The imbeciles are feeling safe and secure because they have a bunch of outdated missile shields…

Forget about the small details, think about the big picture. This is not a game!

China too would be a big player in such a nuclear war. Don’t worry, China will ally with Russia to wipe America out. Nothing in the Northern Hemisphere will survive. If China joins them, chances of having America and Europe wiped out increase from 99.9% to 100%. No one will survive. Back in the Cold War everybody knew this and there was restrain on both sides but now the West is suffering from a superiority complex. They believe they can wipe out Russia while they survive and remain unaffected. Even if that was possible (it’s not) why would any person want to wipe out 180 million innocent Russian civilians just because they hate their leader, Vladimir Putin?

The most worrying thing ever is that both Americans and Europeans do not perceive the danger anymore. They are just happy, partying, going to the beach, casinos, worrying about who is better, iPhone or Samsung, playing video games, shopping, watching movies, whatever, like there’s a tomorrow, but there won’t be any tomorrow if we don’t stand up to our Western leaders hell-bent on attacking Russia or provoking it to attack us.

Putin himself lashed out in a somewhat last attempt at the Western press. Back in June 2016, during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian president Vladimir Putin told the Western press exactly this:
“It’s only you (Western mainstream media) that tells these fables and you buy it and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people do not feel a sense of the impending danger, this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? That is the problem. But they pretend like nothing’s going on… ah, I don’t even know how to get through to you people anymore.”

What Putin meant by “fables” was those news articles from our Western media where they say “we will attack and destroy evil Russia, and we will survive, and build a better world, blah blah blah!” These are fables folks! FABLES! No one will survive!
The West will be completely wiped out. Russia posses sophisticated weaponry. Russia is not Iraq! Get that through your thick skulls already! Russia has the military capability of wiping out Europe in less than 48 hours.

This is Obama, click on the link and see for yourself! Hillary will be worse than him. In May 2016, Putin urged the Russian Army to accelerate their preparations for war with NATO, he told them exactly these words: “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it is war.”
Putin is trying to reach out to the common Western brainwashed civilian by any means necessary. He is trying to wake you up so you can prevent the destruction of humanity. He is trying to tell you, to tell your government warmongers to STOP.

Putin perceives her as such (a threat) and he is ready to strike first. For goodness sake even the US ARMY has now listed Hillary Clinton as a “threat to national security”, because the US Army is aware that this woman is nuts and she is ready to risk and wipe out the entire human civilization. According to multiple top US Army anonymous sources, the US Army is so scared of Hillary Clinton, they are readying to stage a coup and remove her even in case she gets democratically elected, without any kind of election fraud. She will rig the system just as she did with Bernie Sanders. However she will not be able to steal a massive Trump landslide. The US Army is vastly on Trump’s side. So is the entire police force. Her liberal moronic followers who want war with Russia, are ANTI-GUNS and ANTI-2nd Amendment! Ironic!
Donald Trump is different, right from the start he spoke about easing the tensions with Russia and even befriending them. Hillary responded by accusing Trump of being a Russian agent. It’s not even worth wasting the time to disprove that. Yes Russia MIGHT have been the leaker of the DNC emails, though Seth Rich’s mysterious murder makes us think differently, but you know what that proves? Now if Trump is a Russian agent, what is Hillary? Lucifer’s agent?

As of the moment Russia is on standby waiting to see who will get elected in November. If Trump wins we should all pop our champagnes and celebrate peace and prosperity. If Hillary wins, may God help us all. We will probably need to flee to South America which will
PROBABLY be the only unaffected continent. Of course no one can really predict or know what will happen during such a war. Maybe South America too will get involved. One thing is certain, there won’t be any Northern Hemisphere left.