Marilyn Agee (25 Sep 2016)
"Patricia Webber (17 Sep 2016) "STANDING IN NEED OF PRAYER""

I am praying for you. I am so sorry to hear this news.
Also, I think the Rapture is near. The sign in Rev. 12 will be in the sky on the Feast of Trumpet, Mon., Oct. 3, 2016. The Rapture will be instant cure.
Marilyn Agee
Patricia Webber (17 Sep 2016) 

Brotherís & Sisters, I need your prayers, for healing, for strength,  even a miracle.  I have been diagnosed with stage 1 Ĺ to 2 stage throat cancer.  My first appointment with the surgeon is on 9/16.  Iím terrified.  Please pray for me & mine during this darkness.  And add me to any prayer lists, especially Rapture in the Air Now, & Rapture Flight. I canít seem to access them but I have been a lurker there since they started.

I know the prayer of a righteous man avails much.  And Five Doves was my first Rapture site years ago.  Thanks for everyone here, youíre all in my prayers.


Patricia Webber