Luis Vega (4 Sep 2016)
"THE CHRIST STARS - The Birthing of a Which Christ?"


The Birthing of a Which Christ?

by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in Chart section

‘Jesus straightened up and asked her, Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? No one, sir, she said. Then neither do I condemn you, Jesus declared. Go now and leave your life of sin. When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. The Pharisees challenged him, Here you are, appearing as your own witness; your testimony is not valid.’ –John 8:10-13

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the cosmic pattern of the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions from 2011-2019, spanning over a 7-year period. Various facts and figures will be presented to depict a possible prophetic pattern that perhaps is signaling a time sequence, yet to be determined regarding the Advent of the Christ or is it the AntiChrist? The Jupiter-Venus conjunctions occur almost on a yearly basis. There are also other planetary conjunctions as the planets traverse along the Ecliptic, the plane of the Solar System from Earth’s perspective. What is unique about the Jupiter-Venus planetary conjunction is that it is deemed the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. This is an error.


The Star of Bethlehem was only the planet Jupiter as it became stationary before going into its retrograde and it appeared to ‘stop’ over Jerusalem in the western sky. This occurred on December 25, -2 BC and is the 3rd ‘Cosmic Sign’ of Jesus’ birth. This is when the Magi arrived at the birthplace of Jesus as He was already over a year old. This is why Herod’s edict to murder every newborn in and around the vicinity of Bethlehem of those 2 years and younger was made. This study suggests that perhaps the more accurate date thus of Jesus’ birth was on September 11, -2 BC and dedicated on Hanukkah, etc. This would put the timeframe of 2017 years from when the triple conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus occurred and the birth of Jesus.

It would also be 2018 year from the initial Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Leo occurred that is erroneous considered the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. Thus the real ‘Star of Bethlehem’ is Jupiter. The more accurate rendering of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction should be considered the ‘Stars of the Christ’. Although the event or conjunction is involving 2 stars or planets, they are the 2 brightest heavenly bodies in the sky and their joining composes a super-bright ‘Star’ especially when the arc minutes are less than about ~7 minutes of each other which is not always the case. Thus this specific planetary conjunction is called the Star of the Christ as it was when it also occurred, specifically in front of Leo around -3 BC that many believe announced the coming birth of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe. The planet Jupiter in Jewish and Christian theology is deemed the Planet of the Messiah, and the King Planet. Venus in the New Testament is said of Jesus Himself that He is the Bright and Morning Star, i.e., Venus.

Prophetic Patterns
What many suggest of this type of conjunction is that the male and female motifs of a union comes to produce a ‘birth’ as it was the case of Jesus Christ. Others believe that according to research, this Jupiter-Venus conjunction in front of Leo had not occurred since that time in -3 BC, exactly 2018 years ago. What has been abuzz in recent years is that this same Jupiter-Venus conjunction occurred on July 1, 2015. Many considered this event to be the return of the ‘Bethlehem Star’ and perhaps the return of Christ; which one? Because of this conjunction many that study End Times or Eschatology are excited that perhaps this sequence and cosmic pattern of the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions might be prophetic. Such may well be the signs that are part of the Heavenly Body of Signs YHVH instituted to be ‘sign-posts’ and time markers of exactly that, prophetic time and His schedule of a visitation as it was in -2 BC.

Other however believe that as it could be signaling the coming of Jesus Christ, it conversely could be instead heralding the ‘birthing’ of not the ‘Christ’ but the AntiChrist. This is stipulated on the understanding of many that the AntiChrist of Lucifer has to come first before the return of the true King and Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ. What is unique about this Jupiter-Venus conjunction pattern is that given the timeline, there appears to be a 7-year span of time that is sectioned off as there are no immediate Jupiter-Venus conjunctions prior or after this almost 8-year sequence of time. During this time span, there are a total of 8 Jupiter-Venus conjunctions. There also appears to be an amazing symmetry of time intervals in-between each conjunction point that will be noted on the timeline. Some of the conjunction points are subject to the phi ratio of time and are a factor of ‘prophetic time’ and the ‘Signature of the Creator’ at work.

Probably the most profound observation of this cosmic Jupiter-Venus conjunction is that the 8 conjunction points appear to suggest a ‘Hanukah Menorah’ type of motif. Amazingly, if one plots-outs the 8 Jupiter-Venus conjunctions on the timeline, the middle section of time culminates in the July 1, 2015 ‘Star of Bethlehem’. This is in reference to the typology of the Menorah middle section called the ‘Servant Stem’. What makes this conjunction unique from the other yearly ones is where and when it occurred. This conjunction occurred in the Sign of Leo as it was just prior to the birth of Jesus in -3 BC. Why Leo is theologically significant is that it is ascribed to be the ‘Sign’ of the Messiah, the King and Jerusalem, etc. As noted, based on research, although not verifiable, is that notion that such a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Leo and with the similar observable sighting had not occurred since -3 BC.

Several comparative charts will be presented to relate such a possible correlation. This is also assuming that the birth of Jesus Christ is stipulated to be on September 11, -2 BC. Also further study on the Stars of the Christs can be read from a book entitled, The Cosmology of Christ. Nonetheless, it would make the July 1, 2015 a very significant and perhaps prophetic time marker of a ‘Christ’ to be ‘born’. Is it referring to the Christ Jesus or AntiChrist? If the pattern is similar or related as the -3 BC conjunction was a year out from the -2 BC birth of Jesus Christ, could such a similar pattern then suggest that 2 years out from the 2015 conjunction is to be the season thereafter when such a ‘birthing’ or Advent is to occur? The question remains, the ‘birthing’ of what, whom?

One other amazing attribute about the July 1, 2015 ‘Servant Stem’ conjunction of Jupiter-Venus was that it also had a ‘double witness’ of sorts in that July 1 is exactly the middle or point of a given year. What is unique about this metaphorical association is that based on the theological interpretation of the book of Revelation and the Gospels, Jesus is that Menorah sustaining the 7 Churches of Asia and is the Light of the World of which He testified about Himself during His ministry. In such a cosmic typology, then each of the 7 intervals of time can be likened to a point of light as the 2 brightest planets do converge to intensify their combined luminosity in the night sky.

The other possible prophetic innuendo regarding this cosmic pattern of the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions is that there is a number of very important convergences of timelines and/or dates that appear to synchronize during this 7-year span of time. The first date as mention already has to do with the July 1, 2015 Star of Bethlehem. If the Jupiter-Venus conjunction that occurred in August 11, -3 BC was the heralding of the birth of Christ Jesus, then from the July 1, 2015 re-appearance of the Star of Bethlehem is 2018 years in coming. The following are a detailed rendering of the statistics, dates and patterns ascertained pertaining to the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions. Why this might be significant is that in 2018 is Israel’s 70th birthday, 1 generation of the Fig Tree.

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction
For the ‘Menorah’ timeline or the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions, the 2 Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are acting as sort of ‘bookends’ with the 2nd one occurring in December 21, 2020 on the Winter Solstice.

YEAR  DATE              SIGN                           PROPHETIC

2000    May 16            @ Aries-Taurus          Triple conjunction Jupiter-Venus-Saturn
2001    August 5          @ Gemini
2002    June 3             @ Gemini
2003    August 20        @ Leo                         Triple conjunction Jupiter and Venus at Regulus
2004    November 4    @ Virgo
2005    September 1   @ Virgo
2006    November 15  @ Scorpio

2007    NONE
2008    NONE
2009    NONE
2010    NONE

2011    May 11            @ Pisces
2012    March 12         @ Pisces’ End
2013    May 30            @ Taurus
2014    August 18        @ Cancer
2015    July 1               @ Leo                         The ‘Bethlehem Star’ not since 2018 years
2016    August 27        @ Virgo
2017    November 11  @ Virgo

2018    NONE

2019    January 21      @ Ophiuchus                                                 

Jupiter’s Retrogrades
A (4-11-4 year pattern) for 2000-2020
The Jupiter type of retrograde averages 1 per year or 10 occurrences per decade and can last from 4 to 9 months. A retrograde is when a planet appears to travel backwards from Earth’s perspective. Jupiter as the King Star of the Planet of the Messiah takes about 12 years to do a cycle, in essence 1 year approximately in each station or Sign of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. This would be likened to the ‘big-hand’ of the celestial time clock with a retrograde at every hour. In the next few years, the retrogrades not only of Jupiter but all the other planets will converge on Ophiuchus at the Golden Gate or ‘door’. Will such a time be with Jesus comes through ‘the door’ as it where? The following are the dates that Jupiter started a retrograde.

2000    September      @ Taurus
2001    November       @ Gemini
2002    December       @ Cancer-Leo
2003    NONE
2004    January           @ Leo-Virgo
2005    February         @ Virgo
2006    March              @ Libra
2007    April                 @ Ophiuchus
2008    May                 @ Sagittarius
2009    June                @ Aquarius
2010    July                 @ Pisces
2011    August             @ Ares
2012    October           @ Taurus
2013    November       @ Gemini
2014    December       @ Leo
2015    NONE
2016    January           @ Leo-Virgo
2017    February         @ Virgo                       Virgo Sign/~9 month ‘Manchild birthed’
2018    March              @ Libra
2019    April                 @ Ophiuchus
2020    May                 @ Sagittarius

Venus Triple conjunction with Regulus
Another unique observation regarding the timeline is that the Star of Bethlehem sequence also has a triple conjunction, not of Jupiter as it was with Regulus during the -3 and -2 BC but of Venus. Regulus in Leo is considered the ‘Royal Star of the King’. This time in perhaps the closing of the Church Age and emergence of the coming New World Order and AntiChrist, the triple conjunction of Venus around Regulus is signaling which ‘Christ’ is coming. This is why this study speculates that this Jupiter-Venus conjunction pattern is a countdown to the ‘birthing’ or debut of the AntiChrist, not Christ Jesus. This would also support the belief of many who study End Times believe that this AntiChrist will be presented as the long-awaited Messiah to Israel. It will be at this time and place that Israel will accept ‘he who comes in his own name’.

July 18, 2015
August 8, 2015                        Venus triple conjunction with Jupiter-Mercury
October 8, 2015

Other Rarities pertinent to Timeline
The following are some other astronomical occurrences that should be mentioned and occur within the 7 year pattern of the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions. Of note regarding the retrogrades of the planets, if one would be looking from a top view of the Solar System, every planet has a retrograde pattern and an apparent frequency. If all the patterns are drawn-out, they compose an amazing symmetrical ‘cosmic flower’ pattern. As noted, all the various retrogrades also occur with other planets such as Jupiter-Saturn, Venus-Mercury, etc., what is unique is that the subsequent years from the reemergence of the Star of Christ from 2011-2919 will see the majority of the retrogrades converge on Ophiuchus, the ‘Serpent Bearer’. To the Luciferians the age is coming when the Sign will be reversed and it will be the Serpent, Lucifer that bears the Man, the AntiChrist.

As noted, the observation is that as these retrogrades appear to traverse the Ecliptic from right to left, the focal point they are reaching once they traverse Ophiuchus is the Golden Gate or Gate of God. This ‘door’ or Stargate is considered to be at the center of the Galaxy and the ‘Door to Heaven’. This is mirrored with the Golden Gate of Jerusalem that led to the Temple on the Temple Mount. This Stargate with its ‘Cosmic Sentinel’, Ophiuchus is opposite the Silver Gate or the Gate of Man with Orion being the Guardian or keeper of the Gate. Since Auriga, the Cosmic Shepherd is in this quadrant, Orion takes on the attributes also of the ‘Shepherd of the Sheep Gate’.

2017    December 21              Rare Jupiter-Sun conjunction at Golden Gate on Solstice
2018    January 1                    Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Full Moon
2020    June 9                         Rare dual retrograde of Jupiter-Saturn in tandem at Aries
2020    December 21              Rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Solstice not since year 2000

It would appear that the Jupiter-Venus conjunction pattern is prophetic as it was what announced the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. As noted, this was in a 3-fold Celestial Sign with events involving a Jupiter conjunction with Venus, a Jupiter triple conjunction with Regulus and a coming to a stationary point. The Planet of the Messiah, the ‘Royal Planet’ converged in the Sign of Leo, as in the Lion-King. This referred to the theological construct of the Messiah being the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’. Furthermore, the Lion’s ‘heart’ is the star Regulus which known as the Royal Star or the Star of the King. The first prophetic Sign of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction occurred on August 11, -3 BC as noted. This occurred in Leo as it did almost in the same precise spot in front of Leo on the Ecliptic on July 1, 2015.

This span of time involved an approximate 9-month period of time as to suggest a coming ‘birth’. Such a Jupiter-Venus conjunction appeared to be ‘bookends‘ for the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Regulus. This time was also in phi ratio to the 2nd Jupiter-Regulus conjunction. The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Regulus occurred on September 14, -3 BC, then February 17, -2 BC and the final one on May 9, -2 BC. This was essentially the retrograde of Jupiter occurring in Leo as to emphasis that the ‘Lion-King’ was coming. Will a ‘king’ be coming or a Prince that shall come also occur with the July 1, 2015 reappearance of the Stars of the Christ as a countdown? To reiterate, none of these Jupiter-Venus conjunction constituted the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. That 3rd Sign occurred as a final prophetic summation with the visit of the Magi on December 25, -2 BC.

Jupiter-Venus Dates
The event of Jupiter becoming the Star of Bethlehem is the 3rd prophetic ‘Sign’. In part it is an accurate depiction of the ‘Christmas Story’ only in that it was on the ‘3rd Day’ from the Winter Solstice when astronomically, the Sun ‘dies’ and is ‘buried’ not to ‘resurrect’ but on the ‘3rd Day’. Perhaps this timing was to infer to Jesus’ ultimate mission and purpose of the birth of the Messiah, the King of Universe. (Winter Solstice December 21 + 3 Days = December 24, or on the eve of the 25th, etc.) According to NASA, there was also a solar eclipse on the next day. The following are the dates and time intervals of the 8 Jupiter-Venus conjunctions from 2011-2019 spanning over 7 years (7 years 8 months 10 days). Some of the conjunctions are not as profound as others. Out of the ‘Menorah’ 7 intervals of time, there are 2 segments that are precisely the same amount of time with a 444-day count and 2 other intervals of approximately 10 months each.

1) MAY 11, 2011

~10 MONTHS             1

305 days


2) MAR 12, 2012

444 DAYS                   2

1y 2m 18d


3) MAY 30, 2013

444 DAYS                   3

1y 2m 18d


4) AUG 18, 2014

~10 MONTHS             4

317 days

5) JUL 1, 2015

423 DAYS                   5

1y 1m 26d

6) AUG 27, 2016

441 DAYS                   6

1y 2m 15d

7) NOV 11, 2017

436 DAYS                   7

1y 3m 10d

8) JAN 21, 2019


Prelude to Christ’s Birth
The following is the listing of the sequence of the 3 major Celestial Signs that many believe accompanied the 1st Advent of Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world. It involved the brightest planets in the sky, Jupiter and Venus. As noted, one observation is about the Cosmic Signs. The total span of time from the 2 Jupiter-Venus conjunctions from August 17, -3 BC to June 11, -2 BC (6-11) apparently accented the triple retrograde 2nd Cosmic Sign of the Jupiter-Regulus conjunctions. The entire span of time was 293 days or 41 weeks or 9 months 20 days. This alludes to ‘pregnancy’ or gestation period.

1st SIGN
JUPITER - VENUS (bookend)

1st Conjunction

King Planet w/Mother Planet in LEO

August 11, -3 BC

2nd SIGN


1st Conjunction

King Planet w/Royal Planet

September 14, -3 BC


2nd Conjunction

King Planet w/Royal Planet

February 17, -2 BC


3rd Conjunction

King Planet w/Royal Planet

May 9, -2 BC


JUPITER - VENUS (bookend)

2nd Conjunction

King Planet w/Mother Planet in LEO

June 17, -2 BC

3rd SIGN

JUPITER - MAGI visitation

Planet becomes ‘stationary’ in preparation for retrograde

King Planet ‘over’ Bethlehem
The ‘Star of Bethlehem’

December 25, -2 BC

Prophetic Déjà Vu
The purpose of this segment is to show that there are several prophetic elements that were in place during the birth Christ Jesus. There was the land of Israel that was sovereign but ruled over its domain by the Romans as it is now ‘ruled’ by the USA/EU/UN presently, etc. There was the Temple that King Herod refurbished as a type of False Prophet that sought the favor of the Jews. The Temple was on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem the capital of Judah, the last tribe remaining as promised by YHVH not to renege on His Covenant with King David. In such order where all 3 prophetic Signs destroyed, the Temple, the City and the Nation sent into exile.

Many believe such prophetic elements are being reconstituted to be in place likewise at Jesus’ 2nd Advent and in that reverse order. This prophetic restitution is based on the Olivet Discourse, where this study strongly suggests that the pattern was outlined. The sequence is being restituted in reversed order as perhaps Israel’s redemption is tied to an apparent 7-7-7 numerical signature of YHVH. Each of the restored prophetic Signs appear to have been initiated in a year that ends on a number 7. Could this sequence be prophetic to be realized in some way in the Jewish year of 5


1. Nation         1947

2. City              1967

3. Temple?      2017?


This persona was a type of the coming 1st Beast. Caesar Augustus was considered a ‘living god’ and had the title of the ‘son of god’. He lived from 63 BC-14 AD. He is considered by many as a type of the AntiChrist to come as he was only 33 years old in Rome at the time he solidified the Empire (New World Order) in -31 BC. He brought the Pax Romana or like the 1st Horseman of the Apocalypse will come metaphorically as a man of peace riding on a white horse enforcing a ‘false peace’ initially. Could this time be a reversed timing of how to some estimations, Jesus died in 32 AD?

A type of the False Prophet King Herod refurbished the Temple of Zerubbabel which is considered the 2nd Temple. Herod the Great was an Edomite that usurped the ‘throne’ of Judah with the Roman’s blessing. ‘King of the Jews’. In some way the coming False Prophet will also placated the Jews to help initiate once again the Daily Sacrifices and lead the world astray to worship the Drago through the 2nd Beast, the AntiChrist.

During the time of Jesus Christ birth and subsequent ministry, He taught often in the Temple Courts and Portico of Solomon, etc. The Temple at that time was still in a state of refurbishing at the expense of King Herod. The 2nd Temple, according to some interpreted accounts of the Bible, was not as ‘glorious’ as the 1st Temple build by King David’s son, Solomon. This study strongly suggests that based on the Olivet Discourse a 3rd physical Temple must be in place with the Daily Sacrificial and worship ordinances in operation when Jesus returns. The clue is that Jesus referred to the Temple in His day to be destroyed, yet subsequently referred to it prophetically yet existing in the distant future to fulfill Daniel’s last Week of Years that would culminate in the actual Abomination of Desolation the coming AntiChrist would perform.

Thus this study suggests that the several prophetic elements that were in place during the birth and ministry of Christ Jesus have to be reconstituted before Jesus’ 2nd Advent. There is the land of Israel that is sovereign but ruled over its domain now by the USA/EU/UN much like the Romans did etc. As there was an antitype of the ‘Son of God’ and Christ in Caesar, it is from that ‘people’ where there will be a ‘Prince of Rome’ coming to confirm a Covenant with Israel. Of course this is one of the many interpretations of the End Times scenarios that is yet to be actualized.

There could be a regional war such as the Psalm 83 War that many believe is yet to be fulfilled. Such a victory over the Muslim enemies of Israel will facilitate the construction of the 3rd Temple. Thus in such order that the elements where destroyed, the Temple, the City and the Nation sent into exile, it appears that prophetically they are being reconstituted since 1947 with the UN Partition Plan. To some, this is when the ‘budding’ of the Fig Tree began the countdown to the return of the rightful King and Messiah Jesus Christ, but not before the usurpers of the AntiChrist and False Prophet and even False Temple will be reconstituted.

The coming ‘Prince’ is to have some sort of royal lineage as that is what is required of the Messiah, being a descendant of King David. Nonetheless, he will be the leader of New World Order. The Bible describes him as the 2nd Beast that will be coming from the Sea as in the multitudes of the world’s people. He will be hailed by the Jews as the ‘King of the Jews’. He will be the 1st Horseman of the Apocalypse bringing only a temporary reprieve of ‘Peace and Security’ to Israel, which will let down its guard in preparation for the subsequent outer-ring of invading Muslim nations spear-headed by the Russian Federation. This will be the Gog-Mag War.


This coming AntiChrist will also seek the favor with the Jews will also be a world leader and will ‘reconstruct’ the 3rd Temple as a type of Herod that refurbished the 2nd Temple along with the False Prophet. He will be the world’s Ecumenical leader. He will be the Anti-Lamb coming from the Earth, the 1st Beast. Such is and will be the work of the coming False Prophet. He will support the coming AntiChrist that will be accepted as the Messiah by the Jews as the confirming of an existing Covenant that many believe is the Oslo Accord’s Roadmap to Peace will perhaps make provisions for the building of the 3rd Temple in some way.

This study suggests that although many Orthodox Jews and those that are not and even many Evangelical Christians long for the 3rd Temple; the efforts are well merited. However, based on the Biblical interpretation of what will eventually happen is a double-cross. As the apparent gesture to appease the Jews will come by way of the AntiChrist and the confirming of the Covenant, it will be broken at a mid-point. This coming Temple will not be built for the glory of YHVH and for the Nations to come and pray. This 3rd Temple will be usurped by the Luciferian ‘Builders’ that seek to enthrone Lucifer in the House of YHVH and proclaim Lucifer as the rightful Christ and ‘God’. In essence the Temple of the Shekinah Glory will be transformed into the Temple of the Snake. Perhaps it will be at the halfway point in time that with the help of the False Prophet, the Abomination of Desolation will occur in the Temple.

Prophetic Dates

The following segment address the apparent ‘countdown’ to a coming of a ‘King’ but it may not be necessarily Jesus. Could it be that as the 1st Advent of the Messiah, Jesus Christ was accompanied by a double witness of Cosmic Signs with the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, the triple Jupiter-Regulus conjunction and the Star of Bethlehem of the Magi, so too will such mirrored Cosmic Signs accompany the ‘birthing’ and/or Advent of the AntiChrist false Messiah? In terms of numerology, could a clue be the coefficient of the number 7? It is spectacular if one starts with the UN Partition Plan of Israel in 1947.

This is the date in essence of the creation of the State of Israel that in 2017 the Great Virgo Sign appears. What is spectacular to consider is that the Manchild is ‘birthed’ first and then the ‘Labor Pains’ of the women commence as if in reverse order, prophetically and intentionally perhaps? Does this mean a possible ‘birthing’ as in the ‘end’ or delivery of the Church Age? Does the Manchild typology infer to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ? Why? It is because the Woman, which is the Remnant of Israel goes into the Tribulation period of Daniel’s last Week of Years thereafter.

As noted, what is also occurring in 2017, prophetically is the Great Virgo Sign of the book of Revelation 12. This Virgo Sign occurs on the Civil New Year of Rosh HaShanah and on the Fall Equinox. This sign, at least astronomically appears to match the motifs depicted in the revealing given to the Apostle John by a risen Jesus Christ. According to some that have actually calculated this particular ‘Sign’ based on the precise astronomical alignments, it has not occurred ever in human history spanning 7000 years.

The other significant date concerning this Jupiter-Venus prophetic pattern occurs in 2017. This year will see the 50th Year Anniversary of the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem and the recapture of the Temple Mount. This occurred during the 6-Day War of 1967. Many End Time students have theorized that perhaps this is also the point of when the Jubilee Year has been re-synchronized as there is a dispute and discrepancy of when the Jubilee Cycles or Sabbatical Cycles really occur. Others however, still insist that the year 2017 is the true Jubilee Year.

2017:   50thYear         Liberation of Jerusalem-Temple Mount in 1967 and

2017:   7000thYear     Revelation 12 Great Virgo Sign

What this Virgo Sign has in common to the 50th Year and 70th Year Anniversary concerning the progressive redemption of Israel is that it is approximately in phi ratio, which is amazing. The significance of the 2018 numerical coefficient is that 2018 is the year that sees the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel being ‘birthed’ on May 14, 1948. Thus it would make 2018 the 1948th year since the destruction of Israel as a Nation, its capital City and Temple in 70 AD, a mirror of the 70th Year Anniversary in 2018.


2018:   70thYear         Israel ‘birthed’ as a nation since 70 AD, 2018 years

2018thYear                 Temple destroyed on the 9th of Av in 70 AD


This study is assuming that this ‘birth’ although in the context of Political Zionism is the prophetic Fig Tree Jesus referred to would occur just before His return. Interestingly, the context of this Fig Tree was to be stripped and cut down due to its rebellion and rejection of Christ’s 1st visitation. Are the apparent Heavenly Signs also to accompany such a prophetic manifestation on Earth? As the time interval, known as the Church Age has been given an opportunity to be grafted in to the ‘vine’ of Israel, has its Royal Commission come to completion? Do the 7 intervals of time between the 8 Jupiter-Venus conjunctions of the Stars of the Christs signal a coming conclusion of the Church Age? Is the time at hand with the start of a New World Order along with the ‘birthing’ and Advent not of the rightful King and Christ, Jesus but His antitype AntiChrist first?


Some Sources

Cosmology of Christ Book: