Gary Rich (25 Sep 2016)
"Three benefits of making Jesus Lord of your Life"

 There are three cool benefits of making Jesus "Lord" of your life, though claiming these benefits does mean that He must have the first and last word in all things that concern you. It means you are called to walk with Him, to prove yourself valuable to Him, to please Him and do what He wants, when He wants it, and in the way He wants it done. You have to be willing to put your whole faith & trust in Him daily         
                                                                                                                                                The three benefits are : when you don't know what to say - He will tell you. When you can't defend yourself, He will fight for you. And when the burden feels too heavy, He will carry it for you
Jesus wants to be more than just your Savior, He wants to also be the Lord of your life too !
have a blessed day,   Gary