Leslie H (27 Sep 2015)
"Prophetic revelations"

I remember when I was seven, having a dream. I walked out onto the porch of my family's ranch house at the opening of deer season and my birthday, late September. I felt inclined to look into the sky. When I did, I saw the sun go dark, and fire falling like balls towards the earth, hitting the ground, and lighting fires. The mountains were flooded with some sort of darkness.
I remember watching around me, total destruction and demonic chaos. I wasn't afraid, and I wasn't being touched.
As a seven year old, I woke confused, but didn't think much at all about it until this year, 16 years later. It's incredible to me that I can remember the dream with such detail, and I had it without even reading or knowing of the book of revelations. I realized this year it's because I'm a dreamer.
For years I walked my own path, but the Lord started alerting me with dreams and spiritual feelings of His soon coming. I had a dream earlier this year about being in a concentration camp of some sort, and I remember seeing all sorts of military soldiers. Russian, Chinese, and American. I started doing research on the worlds economic state, and was confident the Lord woke me up to start watching and observing.
I have had dreams recently about being in war torn Isreal, specifically Jerusalem. Jesus was there and He's upset about the diluted message of truth.
We really aren't going to know what He really knows and means by what He's said until we are with Him for Him to reveal it to us in its entirety

I don't claim to know dates or times, but I do believe that with the amount of research I've done, and the stirrings in my spirit.. this upcoming September, and the following year are the beginning of the End
Never before have I felt such a sense of urgency
My family has been calling me delusional.. Until about a week ago
My sister has a two year old daughter who's been pressing the issue of taking her bible to school because she "needs to tell the people about Jesus now." My sister has thought it cute, but nothing more than a sweet gesture. I think she underestimates the faith of a child, and the power of the spirit.
One evening she was cooking in the kitchen, and her daughter was minding her own business coloring at the kitchen table when she stopped, put down her pencil and said "mom, September the world goes BOOM" she then picked up her pencil as my sister walked cautiously and nervously over to the table to, somehow, respond. "What do you mean?" Her daughter began drawing a large circle on the page repeating "the big one is coming the big one is coming, all the little ones are going to go away."
"Honey, what do you mean?"
"All the alligators are going to come out of the water.."
"Who's sending the alligators honey?"
"Captain Hook!"

I mean talk about prophetic metaphor. She's two years old. Unbelievable. Amen, thank you Jesus

I believe all we can do during this time is seek Jesus in all we do, and pray that He can change our hearts to complete more of His will. Spread love and the fruit of the spirit. Although there is much to fear for those who choose not to lured the word and love Jesus, we can have absolute peace and joy knowing when we DO choose to believe, we are given the keyboard eternity in paradise