Friedrich Wenz (27 Sep 2015)
"Sept 28, Monday morning, 4th watch, Supermoon Eclipse, ISS & Berlin"


greetings from germany, friedrich

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RE ‘Supermoon Eclipse’ (Thanks to Paul!) (Thanks to Luis!)


just found this at a German astro friends website

On Monday morning when Eclipse totality you may see a transit of the ISS (Internat Space Station - ‘the NWO toy in sky’) in front of the ‘blood red moon’ :

e.g. in BERLIN ! /germany ‘Crossing time’ 4:32 local --- close to the totality midpoint time @ 4:47 local ! (4th watch!!!)

Below the map of the path (german)

you read “Berlin” – just crossed by the visibility line – and close below KREUZBERG (a famous part of Berlin) KREUZ = cross, BERG = mountain ….

The path will be exactly between

a)`Pergamon-Museum’ which is just north the path (about 500 meter) and

b) Brandenburg Gate (south, about 400 m) & Reichstag Building !!! (south, about 300 meter only!) !!!

(German – You may click on the Google map and just zoom in and look yourself)


Amazing? Isn’t