Fay (27 Sep 2015)
"Where we Are"


Hi John and Doves,

However we try to work out the specific numbers - and come up short (frustratingly !!!) there is no denying the times we live in. One look at the farcical debacle that was enacted by the pope and Zero in USA recently, will tell us the glaringly obvious ........... we re being PLAYED. Zero - and the pope - have zero regard for Jesus or Christianity. OBVIOUSLY. The agenda is illegal immigrants (USA) or migrants / refugees (Europe). Europe got the stupid fake photo of a drowned " refugee" whilst the USA got the "poor little innocent, clock making boy - picked on by his teachers" . Ha! Oooops - sorry - forgot to mention the extreme danger of immediate CLIMATE CHANGE. Our LORD showed us the downing of the crane in Saudi Arabia during the Islamic Eidd - then there was the stampede and ensuing crush. We are being signaled. Make no mistake. Think of the geopolitics - positioning of armies in the ME. Our time is so close. We need to pray very hard. For all humankind. For the return of our LORD.