Charles Holler (27 Sep 2015)
"My throw back ( what I posted 3 years ago about Tabernacles)"

Charles Holler (28 Sep 2012)
"Tabernacles established by two wittnesses/ Philip N"

Hello John and Doves,
       In today's (9-27-12) post on the feast pointing to Pentecost with the mirror theory, I noticed Philip N posted the exact same letter. It's not the mirror theory that made my jaw drop but we used the exact same two examples ( els Torah and languages pointing to Jerusalem). There are other examples we both could have used but we both chose those two. WOW
 I also made a typo yesterday in my close. In correcting it I hope to see everyone in the air on 10-7/8-12.
Charles Holler Sr

Philip Newland (27 Sep 2012)
"Tabernacles is looking REAL good."

Why are we still here?
I know many of us have been questioning why the rapture didn't occur on Trumpets as we were hoping. When it didnít happen, I asked the lord if we had to wait till Pentecost or even Trumpets next year and I really didn't want Him to say yes.
I was instead given an idea out of the blue that seems to make sense to me.
Just as the first 3 feasts were fulfilled in chronological order, the last 3 feast will be fulfilled in reverse order bookmarking Pentecost in the middle. Kind of like a mirror image.
This idea of forward and reverse patterns is not new. Two earlier examples are that written languages west of Jerusalem are generally written left to right, and languages east of Jerusalem are generally written right to left. Both seem to point towards Jerusalem. The second example is the bible codes in the Torah that have the word ďtorahĒ encoded forward at the beginning of the book and reversed at the end of the book giving a mirror image effect.

Iím very much looking forward to seeing if this idea is correct and from the Lord or just my wishful thinking.


Philip Newland

Charles (27 Sep 2012)
"Renee M, Tabernacles rapture doesn't skip other feasts"


Greetings John and Doves,
    Thanks Renee for your post and what a great revelation on the two witnesses and the shortened 540 days....WOW. I do believe Tabernacles could be the day. I posted an article a few years ago about Tabernacles and how the seven Feasts could be like the els of Torah in The Torah. The first two books (Genesis, Exodus) have an els of Torah reading left to right, and the last two (Numbers, Deuteronomy) have an  els of Torah reading right to left and no els of Torah in Leviticus....but there is an els of Jehovah or Yahweh and the message I get is " the Torah points to The Father". There is also a phenomenon about languages and how all languages east of Jerusalem read right to left, all languages west of Jerusalem reads left to right. The message I get is " ALL languages point to Jerusalem" My point is could the seven Feasts of The Lord do the same? The first three in Spring point to Pentecost and the last three in order point to Pentecost starting with the last day of Tabernacles for the Rapture, Atonement the Second Coming, and Trumpets The Marriage Supper of The Lamb (this lets the Friends of The Bridegroom....tribulation Saints... attend the wedding after the Tribulation and Second Coming) and Pentecost the beginning of the Millennial Reign and another dispensations change. Pentecost seems to be reserved for the changing of every dispensational change:
1 Adam to Noah
2 Noah to Abraham
3 Abraham to the Mosaic Law
4 Law to Grace
5 Grace to 1,000 year Reign?
I hope this helps as 8-7/7-12 draws ever so near and is one of the top dates I've seen with all the numbers adding up 1290, 1335, jubilees and do I need add any more. See you in the air.
Charle Holler Sr