Charles Holler (7 Sep 2014)
"Pastor Bob shows Fruit of the Spirit"

Greetings John and Doves,
     I was pleased to see Pastor Bob give credit  to the "Pre Wrath Rapture Babble site" in his "All roads lead to Rome #3" post on what they are correct in. The most prevalent behavior that drove me away from that site was the owners spiritual pride and arrogance  that blinded him from seeing any good in those that didn't convert to his beliefs. Now it's so bad they infer if one believes in a pre-trib rapture that their very salvation is questioned. Thank you Pastor Bob for giving credit where it was due. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could humble themselves to give credit for just one of the many teachings you have brought to this site. The sad thing is we as the Body of Christ have real enemies on the attack with ISIS or ISIL killing Christians, cutting little children's heads off. We are in the cross hairs of the Gay-Lesbian movement, and the very core of our existence is being dismantled by our own government. We see so many signs of the times that we better get concerned about our salvation and those sins of the heart that Jesus spoke on. Let's love one another and if you're having trouble with your enemies.....start with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Charles Holler Sr