Anthony Mak (7 Sep 2014)
"Interesting speculations about this coming shmitah and the 120 Jubilee Years set by God"

From all these shmitah studies / research from Jonathan Cahn.....after every 7th shmitah year ( 49 years ), the following year being the 50th year is a Jubilee Year. Since the world has been given up to only 120 Jubilee Years and will not pass the 121st Jubilee mark, which is when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ sets up His literal 1,000 years rule, it looks like there is a very real and strong possibility that the world's time is up either after the shmitah year of 2014 / 2015 ends in September 2015 and the 121st Jubilee starts right after that OR  the 2014 / 2015 shmitah year is the 6th shmitah and the 7th shmitah will be from 2021 / 2022 and immediately following that in September of 2022 will begin the 121st Jubilee Year!!

With a 7 years tribulation period viewpoint in mind, the above may have only these 3 scenarios left to watch.......

1) The Lord may allow a "special" 7 years "tribulation dispensation" after the 120th Jubilee ends in September of 2015 before He allows Jesus to set up His Kingdom Rule from September 2022 onwards, OR,

2) The 7 years period between 2014 / 2015 through 2021 / 2022 will be THE 7 years tribulation period just before the 1,000 years rule of Jesus Christ begins from the 121st Jubilee in September 2022, OR,

3) The above scenario 1) is applied with the 120th Jubilee ending only in September of 2022 and the 7 years tribulation period will last until around September 2029!

The one good and exciting news from these scenarios is, with the pre-tribulation Rapture viewpoint in mind, scenarios 1) and 2) comes to the same conclusion that the Rapture must occur between NOW and Rosh Hoshanah 2015!

I hope and pray that the Lord will not wait until 2022 which seems to be a very remote last and final possibility and if any of the great biblical  mathematicians out there can help to pin -point the near exact end of the 120 Jubilees, then, it'll all become very much clearer.