Dale (16 Sep 2013)
"Nicole Poon: Statue of Liberty Visions"

Nicole Poon has over 2,000 visions posted on her Picasa Web album (a Google site). Lately, I've been grouping some together by theme to present here.
Visions are arranged by date.


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01 September 2011 (no caption)

16 October 2011 (no caption)

16 October 2011 (no caption)

02 November 2011/ A national union is going to be born. The collapse of the statue of liberty could be seen as a reflection on a puddle.

07 July 2012/ I prayed for almost the same, God showed a ship with the statue of liberty on its head and with national flag of US coming. This vision was still not related to my prayer.

14 March 2013/ I asked God for helping us to fix the computer's problem up and also healing us, cleaning us, taking away our inner junks. God showed a skydiver jumping with red and blue smoke behind of that, above the statue of liberty. I think this means that we have to be the soldier of Christ.(This is my thinking only.)