Rene (5 Sep 2012)
"re: Nicole's Post on Ishmael, the WILD Donkey"

How TRUE! God really knows how to describe things, does he not? WILD ASSES snuffing up the wind! Every man against his brother! Most of the wars in the east (lately) have been muslim against muslim.  That is exactly what they are - rabid, fanatical, aggressive, murderous thugs ---- and is it any wonder that the DEMONcrats are teaming up with them? They really don't care - all they want is the votes!
This is why I felt that the war in Iraq was such a waste of time, people, lives and money! We are just playing referee while they keep right on killing each other. If there are no Jews around, they will kill Christians, if there are no Christians around, they will kill Jews, if there are no Christians OR Jews around, they will kill each other! They are insane!