Kimberly (12 Sep 2012)
"Upcoming Eclipses and the Number "64""


Dear John and Doves:
I've come across some interesting numbers that I want to share.
I haven't been able to connect to the internet since August 17th.  I tried on 8/19 and although the air card connected, it wouldn't connect to the internet.  I left to visit my mother on the 20th and came home last week.  I've had a lot to do since I got home and haven't been able to get my computer fixed.  I'm using my husbands work computer to send this letter, but I will probably have very little access to it.  Hopefully I'll have my computer working soon, but it will probably be another week before my brother-in-law can check it out.  I've been able to read 5 Doves' letters on my phone, but can't watch videos.
If we have a Rosh Hashana rapture, I pray that I am worthy to go up and meet all Doves.  If that isn't the date, then here are some numbers to think about.
Looking at some old notes, I re-discovered that there will be a solar eclipse on November 13, 2012.  There will also be a lunar eclipse on November 28, 2012.  Today is the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  September 26, 2012 is Yom Kippur.  Israel declared indepence in 1948.
>From and including 9/11/12 to 11/13/12 = 64 days
>From and including 9/26/12 to 11/28/12 = 64 days
>From 1948 to 2012 = 64 years
Now, here are a few more dates with the number "64".
1897 - The First Zionist Congress   to  1961 - O's birth year = 64 years
1929 - Stock Market Crash  to  1993 - Oslo Accords 9/13/93 = 64 years
1939 - Beginning of World War II  to  2003 Iraq Invasion = 64 years
1945 - Adolph Hitler's death  to  2009 - O's inauguration = 64 years
While I'm sure that there are other significant events that happened in these years, these are the ones that first came to my mind.
Here's another number to think about: from Hitler's birth in 1889 to O's inauguration in 2009 = 120 years.