Jimmy Lishman (5 Sep 2012)
"Our divine and prophetic calling"

Hi Beloved Doves,


The LORD has placed this on my heart for the Doves for the anticipatory time we now are entering, while I was reading the gospel of Luke 10.

As those who went before Him, the seventy were ambassadors of Christ—as was Paul (Eph_6:20), and as are we (2Co_5:20).

The seventy were to declare Jesus' first coming. We are to declare His soon return.

Our call to be ambassadors is not only a high and privileged calling, but one with prophetic ramifications as well, for when war breaks out between nations, ambassadors are always called home. So, too, I am convinced that before God declares war on the world that rejected His Son, He will call us, His ambassadors, home.


Expectant and in the love of JESUS MASCHIAGH NAGID