Jean Stepnoski (8 Sep 2012)
"The Speech Within The Speech"

Dear Doves,
      Those who heard the concluding and rousing speech the evening of 9-6 may not have considered the speech within the speech. A number of political commentators offered their interpretations soon after it was delivered. There were a number of targeted audiences for the speech: Democrats, Independents, and other. Certain words or phrases  were very interesting. Greater meanings for the audience of  "the other"? A phrase about traveling the road together seems to be simple enough. However. How many of us remember the 1950's in America and the years of  the Blacklist? Many American artists were put under oath and asked questions. What was one of them? It was about whether or not an individual was, had been, or knew individuals who were card carrying members of the Communist Party. What was a phrase to describe such perceived anarchists, destroyers of the status quo, such revolutionaries? A phrase used was "fellow traveler" to describe a comrade. Sometimes, dear Doves, words may intentionally convey alternative meaning(s) for a targeted audience of the other. It is like speaking with ENCODED words which the majority of the masses of the audience will not comprehend. They will hear, yet will not UNDERSTAND, since the words or phrases of encoded language go over their heads.
      Two other words and assorted meanings were very significant, especially since they were used in the concluding section. We are meant to REMEMBER THE CONCLUSION. The words were citizen and citizenry. Anyone seen the movie "Citizen Cohn" about Ray Cohn, his mother, and "the other" of Communist artists in America during the 1950's blacklist period? Fine performances by Lee Grant and James Woods are showcased in this movie made for television. How about the French Revolution, the Reign of Terror, and Citizen Robespierre? The insurrectionists were called CITIZENS! Anyone interested in rereading  the Dickens classic? Do we remember lessons about Sidney Carton or his political and spiritual polar opposite of the Citizen who relished her knitting, beheadings, anger, bitterness, hatred, and revenge? Aristocrats or the Citizens. Hunting down the enemies of the regime. The deadly and well sharpened weighted blade? Citizen Guillotine!  Betrayal and TERROR, malice, cruelty, and sadism thrived each day. Live or die. Does this sound like political correctness, toleration, bigotry, or the murder machine to you? Are these far ahead in our times? Who are those currently traveling The Road together? Does The Road lead to Communism, or Jihad, or the Noyus Ordo Seclorum? Where else might The Road go? Dead End? Who constitutes the target audience of the impassioned, the fervent, and the dedicated of "the other"?
      One of the lessons of the concluding speech is that words chosen can often convey multiple meanings, intentionally or not. Dickens showed us the hearts and minds of two groups of people with very different goals, intents and values. Who do I respect more, Sidney Carton or the Citizenry led by Citizen Robespierre? Who listened to the speech within the speech?
      Someone trying to connect dots and envision the future by 2016, is Dinesh  D' Souza in his recent documentary and book. What did the listeners learn about traveling The Road together until 2016 and beyond? What kind of global citizens and citizenry are desired by the earthly powers that be? Words have great power. They can inspire. They can deceive. May we listen to the words of the Man of TRUTH, who was, is, and ever shall be The Way, The Truth, and The Life. The words of Messiah/Christ never mislead or deceive. Come quickly, The Captain of Our Souls!
With Love and Shalom,