Gavinti (22 Sep 2012)
"Watchers We Still Have 1 Sign to Go Before the Rapture...Stay the Course"

September 2010 has been an extremely interesting year, this Rosh Hashanah was said to be the timing that the Lord would take us home...

I have read of others' dreams, I have listened to others visions, I have read amazing books, yet I am still here!!

Constantly nagging in me was an event spelt out clearly in scripture that I know has not yet transpired. Had I missed it, was it hidden from me,  surely not.

Of course it's Joel 2...

How could I have missed that?  We have as yet not seen the true fullness of the outpouring upon all flesh.  If I truly examine myself, and recent events I have found myself caught up in all the excitement and wishings of others,  I am commanded to watch and pray to be alert and not to be deceived.  I missed the fact that the latter glory has not been greater than the former glory.  I have let my impatience and feelings to get in the way of my discernment and truly hearing from God.  My flesh has risen up and clouded my spiritual perspective, putting my hopes above His. The listening of dreams and hopes of others have clouded my dependency on him allowing me to wonder on the wishes and dreams of others.  His word and His spirit the only truth I am commanded to follow.

Not one inch of His word will fail, no man, no devil, nothing will stand in the way of the Father's plan. I am therefore encouraged by the Word that the next main event will be the outpouring of His Spirit upon all flesh. I have yet to dream dreams, prophesy see the lame walk and raise the dead in abundance greater than the former glory.  This has not happened yet. So no rapture till I see that awesome event, for which heaven is preparing, even now.

I am reminded by his Holy Spirit that the cleansing of His body in preparation of His coming is a world wide supernatural event as he the Holy Spirit prepares the bride, no dream, no vision, no wishing and no prophecy spoken from fantasy will bring on the glory of God before it's appointed time. Let us not be deceived for we ourselves are weak trained in the art of fantasy, clouded in the mist of desperation.  

Mine is to hold on to the promises of His Word and not to my own inclinations, as I prepared for one of the most amazing occurrences the world will ever know the outpouring of His Spirit. That my shadow heals the sick, my words raise the dead that all men may know that He is Lord.

I take courage that He is faithful to fulfill His promises and every inch of His word that I may not be deceived, my part is to read His word and trust in Him implicitly.

Encourage me brothers and sisters to stay on the roadmap of His word and not to journey on the words and dreams of others. I want to see Him prepare His bride, to unite the body to bind us together in love and release us from the bonds of this world,

Come Yeshua, come, pour out Your Spirit, prepare us, fill us, cleanse us for Your coming.

In Him