Frank Molver (5 Sep 2012)
"Nicole, the donkeys are not just Democrats, prophetic dream"

responce to Nicole about donkeys
This is translated from Danish, so it is a little ruff but you will get the point
The asses are donkeys.
Hello! My name is Benjamin. On August 30, 2012 I had a very special dream vision. Just listen ...

The Lord let me see a church on the outside.
It looked very nice in my dream. Suddenly I was in church! And I was expecting a room full of people, but that was not so.

I suddenly stood below the pulpit, and looked into the hall, and saw all donkeys roam through each other.
Some donkeys stood in groups, "Yes, yes!" calling together.
Then I heard the voice of the Lord God, and who spoke this:

"These are all asses."
"I, the Lord God, have spoken to many churches through my Prophet Benjamin, but they did not listen. They are similar to the donkeys, they do not even listen to my voice. My people will perish for lack of knowledge. Many these asses, who think they are wise, and she more than me can stand. You gossip about others and makes donkey jumps, and think you lot are. But you do not see that I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the true God, and above you state. You should not play God! And you should not do things impose your sheep that I have not spoken? 'Cause you do not speak on behalf of me. You should also not your own church rules impose because they are not mine! And you have no power over thy flock, which does not come from Me. I see you like asses, not inherit My Kingdom unless they repent and listen to my voice, and do what I say.

I saw many places donkeys had ...
I thought of a cross sheep and something else. But a voice said, "Benjamin, that are the sins that I show thee."
"But they are so many!" I said. I heard sadness in his voice ...

"These are asses that I brought together in a church."
That said the Lord. "This think them to hear my voice, but they are bound. It's gossip donkeys, and smoke donkeys, drug mules, addict drink asses, and they think also that they behalf me speak, and full of my mind. Many already taken and many of them have also been guilty of idolatry, and listen to familiar spirits. Their church is full, full of powers and forces, which are not of me were. The fallen angels were among them, and many are already equal so. Many think they hear my voice, and that is not so, Benjamin. Almost all these donkeys have been guilty of adultery, fornication, and many are also in possession of a sex-hungry demon and full of impure thoughts. "

"But this church is so full! Where are the good donkeys?" I asked.
"There are also, here and there."
"But there are so few," I said.
"Similarly, these asses of God's house a house of uncleanness made, and profaned. One profaned God's house by worldly activities."

"I show you this to pass, Benjamin."
"Those who do not repent, will with me to deal with. Many I have their door should be shut, and it will go even further. Do listen to your prophet of God, and condemn not. Listen to the truth and fear this prophet, but fear the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham. "

Whenever I heard, "IA".
I wanted to say: "Shut up!" That I really wanted to call.
Then the Lord continued:

"Benjamin calls it good news for the churches."
"He speaks to him what I command you, either good news or bad news. Judge about him, judge you on your own prophet, that I have given you, so to speak as I command you, and tell him that. He will not with your words, because he listens to me. "

Suddenly I was in another building ... dazzling!
"I see now sheep", I thought. And I saw that too, very white! But there were so few.

These are also leaders of the Church, they are separately put the donkeys.
I held my tears, but the Lord sounded proud of these sheep. But what a holy presence of God, I felt!
"Benjamin," said he, "I see your tears."
"There are so few!" I said.
"There are but few to be like this, you also respects and loves. They are grateful that God has given. These also support you with prayer for you and your employees. Whom my prophet blesses is blessed. Who judges him, judge me. "

Then the dream was gone ...