Frank Molver (5 Sep 2012)
"3rd week October economic crisis 381><183 Crisis to the church"

I decided to do a Jonathan Kleck, look at 381 backwards
This comes from a prophetic sketch by Nicole
So, my thinking is that 381 has to do with a time
It seems to fit the warning of a contrived crisis warned about just before the election
That would be the 3rd week of October
Now when I googled 381 backward on I got this
Now this is a lecture about the spiritual meaning of crisis
But it is not the article that is important, it is the title
I believe God did this to draw attention that there is going to be a crisis hitting the church
It will happen the same time as the one planned by the government
There will be persecution
That is why these drawings are true
Also true is the warning by Jonathen, Kevin, Benjamin and many others.
This is how it will begin
September 3, 2012/
I prayed for the same,but this vision was not related to my prayer,God showed a USD banknote falling down with smoke.
29 August 2012/
I prayed for those who were unsaved and ill,God showed one wearing a helmet and a transparent eye mask and covering his mouth with a handkerchief,his back was with the number 381 in a "1".After seeing that,I asked God for the meaning,but no answer.
September 1, 2012/
I prayed for the same,God showed a church being on a floating rock, many white light dots coming down from a arrow board with "381" on it to the church.