Frank R Molver (10 Sep 2012)
"The foxes war against prophetic words, Jonathan K, Benjamin etc, sketches"

I am not saying that some of these guys are perfect, they are not.
But they are willing vessels, unlike some of us who won't be moved
So it is not unexpected that when a strong word comes forth that it is quickly attacked
Like little foxes, clever, thoughts coming from somewhere.
After all, who is it that does not want you to be prepared?
I see Jonathen K getting banned by some who have found something they construed was not right
It's too bad when we see all the obvious revelations being destroyed because of improper wording.
That would make us all hypocrites wouldn't it, after all, don't we also have communication problems?
Where is the level headedness?
We are so close
1st sketch
The little foxes spoil the vine
2nd sketch
They make the rapture look like a fairy tale, a card board cut out
3 September, 2012/
I prayed for many and asked God that why so many He created had gone to hell and were suffering there forever.God showed a fox that was doubting in front of a high vine before a church.After studying Scripture,I prayed for that and asked God for His soon return,but God did not give vision this time
3 September, 2012/
I prayed for many,shared many with God,asked God for coming soon,God showed that I was praying and waiting at a beach,there was another space above me that seemed to be a paper cut silhouette is a heavenly realm.May be it means two spaces exist at the same time.