Ernest Nickel (1 Sep 2012)
"Do you not understand?"

Mark 8:21 And he said to them, “ Do you not understand?”


In the third year when Jesus was teaching he fed the four and five thousand. When he questioned the disciples about how many baskets were left over it was to bring remembrance of the great miracles. For in Mark 6:52 it says: for they did not understand about the loaves, for their hearts were hardened.
First the baskets. Only in the original greek text do we see a understanding beginning to form. Two different groups of people, two different baskets. The baskets which were used to collect the food left over for the 5000 was a “ kophino “. The baskets used with the 4000 was a “ spuris “. From this we can understand the feeding of the 5000 were jewish people for this is a jewish basket ( kophino ). The feeding of the 4000 were gentiles for this collection of pieces left over was a gentile basket ( spuris). We know this because Paul was let down in a spuris basket when he went over the wall at Damascus when fleeing. A rather large basket. The greek words are consistant throughout all four gospels concerning the baskets.

The miracle of multiplication of food ( loaves and fish )

Feeding of the 5000

5 loaves and 2 fish 5 X 2 =10

Bible says it was divided among the 5000 5000 divided by 10 = 500

Blessing left over always multiplied 500 X 12 baskets = 6000

Israel entrusted with God’s plan for 6000 years

Feeding of the 4000 ( using 7 loaves and few (2 ) fish

7 loaves x 2 fish = 14

Bible said divided among the 4000 4000 divided by 14 = 285.142857

Blessings left over--- 285.142857 X 7 baskets left over = 2000

The time of the gentiles--- 2000 years

If any other two numbers would have appeared it would have been meaningless. Just as in creation a day to the Lord is a thousand years

I would like to mention when I was waking up this morning I heard 5 doves. This meant to me I was to share what I have recieved.  And I thank the person or persons responsible for this site. I did come here many years ago, maybe two decades, not sure.