DP (6 Sep 2012)

The OT prophecy in Ezekiel about outside armies/nations going against the land of ''unwalled villages''............seems to have been fulfilled before our very eyes.
This prophecy could not be taken literally, as Israel has walls built up to separate their population/ villages from the Palestinians. They also have strong border defences.
I have always thought this prophecy meant that Israel would not have any nation, ie the USA, to ''watch it's back''. Some have thought this would mean the annihilation of the USA...........but alas, that might not be so.
When O's chief of the military publicly abandoned Israel, I think this prophecy came true.
Here is what seems to have happened.
Back room negotiations between the USA and Russia resulted in:
1) The Russians abandoning Syria, and for doing that.........
2) The USA abandoning Israel.
Notice the Russian fleet set sail back to home, from Syria and all military supplies were stopped..........and the announcement was ''public''.
Likewise, the USA scaled down the coming military drill with Israel and Dempsey publicly announced that 'we don't want to be complicit''...........
Surely a ''deal'' was made, and Israel knows it.
Now, Israel is a nation of ''un-walled villages'' without the support of the USA.
Evidently both Russia and the USA have agreed to let the fight begin and to stay out of it. The problem is this.........when did the Russians ever keep their word?
I have even read a report that the USA sent a message thru indirect diplomatic channels to Iran that they would be ''left alone'' ........that is not attacked by the USA, as long as they did not attack the US fleet and bases.
Unfortunately, with this just happening, it strongly suggests that Obama will be re-elected. For if Romney was elected he would support Israel like most all prior administrations have.
It is hard to accept that O will win re-election. If that happens, it shows that the majority of citizens of the USA no longer embrace the Christian roots of our nation.
Remember it was O, who when visiting a University a couple of years ago had the Christian emblems hanging on the walls COVERED OVER, so as to not be in the picture/background of his speech. That tells us all we need to know!
Time will tell the tale.............and it appears that the time will be short.