Debbie (22 Sep 2012)
"Re: Donna Danna…III 3 starting on Sept 25th"


I totally agree, something is going to go down around that date.

I have been feeling/sensing for some time now that before the November elections something major will happen to have Mr. O declare martial law.

I have stated to my husband that December 21st is not the big bang, but something will happen sooner.

History tells us things always seem to happen in the Fall around Sept 25th and the Jewish holidays. With so many things about to happen, it is almost a race to see which one comes to a head first. There will probably be a run on the banks and that will be an excuse. Once martial law is declared life will never be the same… food prices will skyrocket and employers will use this excuse to downsize even more, as they did with Katrina.