Tracy Coltellino (29 Sep 2011)
"here we go again"

Please...I am being plauged by such a spirit of oppression....I was so sure that we would have been given a hint in the last 24 least about elenin and 3 days of darkness...but once again, it seems like this rosh hashanah is tiptoe-ing quietly by....I am sooo desperate for my Lord!  some days I can barely hang on...the last two years, beginning with the burning of my home, SIX physical attacks that each ended with brushes with death for husband changing overnite from watching for God's return with me, to so abusive I had to leave all my posessions, money, cd's, books, bible, computer....everything and run.....leaving my teenage girls physical devestation, financial dispair, missing my girls, nothing around me in the way of posessions that used to help me way to reach out...I have been hanging on by a thread for His return.  It just seems like this is the only time left where all the clues added up-after this....I can't even SEE another time that fits!  Now it looks like we are set up for another disappointment....elenin isn't doing anything in the way of heralding His return, fulfilling scripture like so many have been teaching....nothing but another sticky hot florida week, with no end in sight.  I am sorry, guys.....I cant remember EVER being in so much dispair.  Now ANOTHER year seems to just be movin' on by....HELP!!  (Sorry, guys-but there is very little left in me that can be happy.  I can only hang on to His promises, even if they seem to be moving further away.  I WILL hang on.)  Tracy C