Suzi (26 Sep 2011)
"Solar flares vs car batteries?"

My battery fizzled out today. My daughter pulled her truck up, which actually acted like it didn't want to start, jumped it, and I left. As feared, it would not start again, so I called my daughter to come jump me at the store. HER truck battery had died! I had the guys at Pep Boys (in the same parking lot as the store I was shopping at) come to jump me again. I drove home and didn't turn the car off. We then drove back to Pep Boys to get a new battery. In the hour or so we were there waiting, THREE people came in with dead or dying batteries!!! Now, I know we've had a couple "X Class" solar flares in the last couple days. Anyone think they might have something to do with this? I know that I had a really bad headache for about 3 days...with the weather feeling really 'heavy'. Last night, there was a lot of lightening up in the foothills to the East of us. Just curious to see if anyone else thinks this could be related.

Also, everyone needs to be ready for when (not if) a big EMP hits, it will be worse than what recently went down in San's a miracle that the Diablo Nuke didn't blow! If we get something big that fries all the grid...oh boy.