Susan Waigwa (27 Sep 2011)

After reading somebody’s post yesterday of “just because you are a Jew” this is what I have to say

Everything that happens to the Jewish happens because they are Jews.  A Jew was called to be a separate nation, not to mingle with the Canaanites and not to marry or give in marriage to them.  God wanted to be their King and for them not to have a human King.  God revealed His laws to them, to guide them, even as they in turn would teach the rest of mankind.  They were a special people and still are, though they are blind to that fact, to God.  This is in parallel to the Church.  The church has been called to be different and though we are in the world, we should not partake of the world.  We are in the world but we are not to be of the world and The church should teach the truths of Jesus and God’s principles to the rest of the world.  Until the Jew realises his calling and turn to the Lord whole-heartedly, they will suffer and be hated.  No matter how much the Jews try to fit into the world, they will never be accepted.  They can forsake their God, they can forsake His laws, they can reject Jesus that He is their Promised Messiah and turn to worshipping idols and follow their sages, no relief will come until they turn to the only true God and know they are, really, a different nation that God wants only for Himself.  Only thing is, they are not ready yet, and the time of Jacobs trouble is the only time they will really understand how different they are called to be.

I love you Jews, though most of you are blind to the truths of your God.

Shana Tova to all who love Yeshua HaMeshiah.

Best of Love in Jesus our Messiah

Susan Waigwa