Steve W (30 Sep 2011)
"So what about Elenin ? Your Thoughts ?"

    Hi Doves,
    It's been strangely quiet around here with regards to comet Elenin. I'm curious to know your thoughts. There sure were lots of posts
    and videos the past several months. These comments brought about a wide array of opinions. For instance; a fulfillment of Rev. 12. The potential for a catastrophic earthquake. Polar shifts. The sun blocked out for three days. Obama in Denver near the huge underground bunker ( coincidently on the 27th of September). All of this on or around R.H. as well. So what gives ? Have we been bamboozled? Was it all some big cosmic joke? Could NASA have really been telling us the truth all along that comet Elenin was simply a "ho-hum" comet? Could Elenin have an impact later on in October as it circles the sun and comes toward Earth again? So let's hear about what you think. No judging here. Some of us really believed Elenin would or could still impact us significantly. The reasons and arguments seemed plausible. Some dismissed Elenin outright, saying it was a "non event". Those arguments seemed reasonable as well. Many of us (me included) went both ways at times. Many arguments/posts/videos seemed well researched and thought out. Confusing to say the least. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.
    Steve W.