Steve Coerper (27 Sep 2011)
"Urgent Intercessory Prayer Alert and New Audio File"

I got this from one of my listeners, who got it from the Augusto Perez Prayer Alert
Dear Intercessors and Prayer Warriors,
Peace be with you in the Name of Yeshua.  While in prayer and doing research, I have just found out that the Earth will be in grave danger of being hit by a 13m Asteroid (2011 SE58) on September 26-28.  The closest approach to Earth will be on 9/27 in the middle of the night.  It will come within 0.0016AU from planet Eartn.  That is very close in Astronomical terms.  Considering the uncertainty in the orbits of these things, it could easily impact Earth. 
I urge all intercessors and prayer warriors to unceasing intercession and fastings that this event does not take place, and that the remnant and those who love and serve Yeshua will be protected if this event were to take place.  If it impacts one of the oceans, it will cause a Tsunami that could cause casualties in the thousands or hundreds of thousands.  If it impacts land, it could trigger major earthquakes causing massive casualties, especially if it hits a densely populated area.  Either way, the consequences would be dire.
Couple this with the alignment that is supposed to be taking place on the same time frame between Elenin, the Sun and Earth and you can begin to see why all the world leaders are running for cover in the Denver, CO. underground bunker and other parts of the world.  Please, do not take this warning lightly.  Again I urge all intercessors in the name of Yeshua to fast and pray for the next few days for the protection of the elect that the angels of the Almighty will be sent out on behalf of His Bride.  There is great power in intercessory prayer. 
Also, below is the link to a recent program we did with Jim Wilhelmsen on Blog Talk Radio:
We also were with Scott Bell on  Trust it will be a blessing to you.  May the peace of Yeshua be with you during the turbulent times ahead.
Augusto Perez

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