The Latter-Day Letters

Colossians 4:16
"After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea ."

It is interesting to note that 1/3 of the 66 books ofthe Bible is in the form of "letters".The last 22 books of Scripture are letters written by the apostles to the churches and their co-workers. It is alsointeresting to note that there are 22 Hebrew letters in all, from Aleph to Tav (see Psalm 119) , i.e. from Alpha toOmega. If it seems coincidental that there are 22 Hebrew alphabets ( letters) and 22 Epistles (letters ) and both sets are "letters", I would rather attribute that to the wisdom of God displayed. Do write in your letters to be read by all and do read the letters from all. May the grace of God be with you.

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Please note that it is impossible for even two like-minded souls to agree on everything. You should read these letters with this in mind and pray for understanding from the Spirit of Truth. Thank you.


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1 Sep

I Corinthians 3:16: Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

I Corinthians 3:17: If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

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Paul N.F.
Jim Bramlett
Comet Elenin photo!!!
Jim Bramlett
Breaking: 8-31-11, 1:30 pm, ELE Sighting  [Annette took 2 photos attached]
To Sarah
Jewish Calendar off by 220 Years??
Jean Stepnoski
Blessings or Curses: Much Compounded/Multiplied after 9-20-2011?
Jean Stepnoski
Update to Posting
Excellent piece on Sin and Salvation....."how God sees us after giving us our Salvation"
Great Wedsite: .....about Israel.....good, short videos, too!
Kevin, thanks for your reply on vegetarianism
Sara Reynolds
Western Rainbow
Frank Molver
Julia;s dream of 3 years of famine
Frank Molver
Mandate From Heaven
KS Rajan
Fulfillmet of prophecy-John Claeys
KS Rajan
Social Security in USA
Dream and Visions
Steve Mullin
10 year 9/11 Anniversary
Tracy N
Grace Ending - Wrath Beginning  (Repost of Elenin Info from April 2011)
Tracy N
To: Dayana Torchia The Number 21
Wade Balzer
[Revelation2217] Remember Remember the 5th of November... 1290 days....
Orange Colored Sky
Barry Amundsen
Sherry Vance, previous temple had little support as well...
BG Ellis
Re: Jay you are right!  What is that? My shot of the sun in negative mode showing comet ELENIN?
Re julia dream
Kevine re: Apostasia
Ernie P
RE: the menu in heaven
Luis Vega
Jupiter Blasts Elenin?
Intelligent Control:Elenin
More on Elenin-Mindblowing
Kelly Herman
What The Lord has stated to me
Israel will sut off water, food, gas, electricty - -everything to palestine says Ambassador at UN vote...
Israel Says Israel Division Vote More Dangerous Than Hamas/Terror Threat/ Israel Preparing For Mss Terror Attack
Bob Ware
Wormwood and Obama
Bob Ware
'ABADDON' + 'APOLLYON' yield both 1111 and 1111 + 888 (JESUS)
For Bett
Kathi Lee
Paul Wilson
New Moon Sighted Sixth Biblical Month starts sept 1st(evening of aug 31st)
1 Cor 10:31
re:  Charles' letter:  a big con game
Are there other Doves that are NOT interested in Elenin?
Feast of Trumpets or Pentecost?
Who says what
To JC:  How you should prepare
Bruce Baber
Amy VanGerpen
RE: spiritual temple vs. physical rebuilt temple
Picture of the sun & something else

Gabriel (URL) Jordan urges Abbas to rethink UN bid
Gabriel (URL) ADL calls on EU ministers to adopt formal position against Palestinian UN unilateral action
Gabriel (URL) Sarkozy calls for united EU voice on Palestine
Gabriel (VIDEO) 'UN Go Home': Israel planning for worst, calling for war?
Gabriel (VIDEO) Hand-made Palestinian 'UN seat' to tour Europe
KS Rajan (URL) Muslim argument with police in USA
KS Rajan (URL) Egypt and Israel accords
KS Rajan (URL) Israel-Arab crisis
KS Rajan (URL) American Muslim satisfaction for Obama
KS Rajan (VIDEO) High Alert in Israel-watch
KS Rajan (VIDEO) Israel on Alert
Suzi (URL) He's untouchable.
BG Ellis (URL) Why The Rapture is on this year's Feast of Trumpets!

Letters (31 Aug 2011)