Randy (9 Sep 2011)
"The Rapture WILL BE....could be...should be....might be.....this FALL!"

Sorry for the long post……
The Rapture...... will be / could be / should be / might be……..this fall during the Jewish Fall Feasts.  Rosh Hashanah?
The following events are truly important in God’s Timetable, and
The analysis of the following dates and events is accurate and inspired by God….
The long-awaited Rapture IS Imminent.
I have not had God speak to me……but, recently, in answer to this prayer: “Lord…if the Rapture is imminent, show me what I should be doing for you in these last days…”  ……. And in the last 2 weeks, I have been pointed to some new websites with information I have not seen before, though the information ties right in to all I have learned over the past 13 years of my studies on the Rapture and the fact that THIS IS the LAST GENERATION. 
The following sources have been used in this overview:
www.getreadyforJesus.com   An EXCELLENT, fairly short read!!
Book:  The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth         Free download:  www.bibleprophecyman.com  
                        BEST Chapter to read first is:  The LAST chapter…on the Rapture..EXCELLENT! 
The Divine Calendar       Free download:   http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?page_id=1300
In the last 2 weeks, I have been pointed to these articles and books in the following order:
First, the book The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth
Then, to the insightful article on www.getreadyforJesus.com
And finally, on Sept 7 this month, my searches led me to a Jewish website and book (The Divine Calendar) that tied EVERYTHING together…..at least for me.  This author makes a convincing analysis that (as we all know) Israel’s re-birth is critical to watching for the coming of the Jewish Messiah, or Lord Jesus Christ, and MUCH MUCH MORE.  It’s a real “numbers guy” kind of book. The first half is easier to follow than the 2nd half. 
2 Sides of the Same Coin?
Obviously, End Times Jews are watching for the first coming of their Messiah.
Obviously, End Times Christians are watching for the RETURN of Jesus.  (Who, during the Tribulation will be shown to the Jews as THEIR Messiah, who they MISSED the first time!)
But…..we are watching for the SAME Messiah!!  The 2 “watchers” are looking for this event using the SAME Text (the Bible…and the Torah….our Old Testament) …… but looking at it from different perspectives.  One for the first coming and one for the second coming. 
So, it would seem natural, that MANY of the SAME historical events and date analysis should be/could be one and the same as well!!  And that is what I have found in this research over the past week. 
Same, Critical Conclusion:
2) There will be BIRTH PANGS in the years before this event.
But, Each Watcher is using a Different, Critical Way to get there:
The Jewish view will be that the Messiah comes for the first time, and then the Millennial Kingdom.
The Christian view will be that BEFORE Jesus Christ returns for the Millennial Kingdom, there will be a 7 year period known as the Tribulation, PRECEEDED by the Rapture of the Church as the bride of Christ.
The Church will be spared the wrath of God, but this time of 7 years is for:
1) Have God show the Jews that it IS Jesus who is their Messiah and
2) Have the wrath of God come upon all the Unbelievers left on the earth, after the Rapture.
(For lack of time, and length of the post, today…..I’m going to have to write my comments about all the dates I’ve seen another day, soon to come….IF anyone is interested.  If you read the article at www.getreadyforJesus.com and the last chapter of The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth and then SKIM the first half of the Divine Calendar…..you can see that they are all indeed a good analysis, drawing the same conclusion.  That this is:  The FINAL Generation…..and the years 2018 and 2011 could be, should be very very important to us all!)  
THE PERFECT UNIQUENESS OF PLANET EARTH compared to the PERFECT Prophecy of Numbers and Dates in the Bible.   (My ramblings here……sorry…)
It’s the same thing…..but we take the uniqueness of earth for granted and think of the Bible numbers and dates and the conclusions that are made………maybe, as “contrived.”  As NOT from God……
Just my thoughts:
The earth is/has:
1) The perfect distance
2) From the perfect sun, at the right temperature and the right size
3) With the perfect moon at the right distance and the right size
4) the perfect combination of –air –water -trees
5) Protected by the large outer planets that capture comets that could destroy us
and on and on……..
And yet, when we see all of the Dates from the Events of the past such as:
1)      From the decree to re-build the walls of Jerusalem in 445 BC,
2)      And the prophecies of Daniel and the book of Revelation that talk about times and numbers….
3)      Pointing EXACTLY to the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey…..as the “unblemished lamb” who would die for the sins of the people….once and for all….
4)      And other analysis, pointing to the re-birth of Israel in 1948…..
5)      And now many people using similar analysis to point to 2018, 70 years after the birth of Israel
6)      And then, 7 years before that, possibly pointing to the Rapture in 2011…
And yet, when we see these things, we wonder IF it could REALLY be TRUE !!??
If God can put the earth in just the right place……then He can certainly make all the critical events of history point to the End of the Age, the Rapture, the return of Jesus Christ, the last Millennium and the reign of Christ on Earth……for those who are Watching……and who Love His Appearing!!   
Could the Rapture be during THIS month in September, 2011??  On or near, Rosh Hashanah??
I sincerely hope so……..
Otherwise, either the conclusion from the book The Divine Calendar and lots of other analyses pointing to the year 2018 ad/5778 HC (Hebrew Calendar) is WRONG….
My/Our supposition that 1948 plus a 70 year generation, LESS 7 years for the Tribulation...is wrong.  I HOPE NOT! 
Tick Tockkkkkkk???
PS….I have NEVER seen SO MANY WEBSITES,  Christian or Jewish….  That are out there telling people about the SOON RETURN/COMING of the Messiah.  And……MANY of the Christian sites are looking at THIS fall…..THIS Rosh Hashanah with excitement!! 
Jews are watching for their Messiah…..and QUOTING Christians  and the New Testament (incorrectly) to prove why it is NOT imminent.  (What?)  Read this first part of this link!!   
(I say, incorrect, because they are quoting that “the lawless one/anti-christ will have to be IN place BEFORE the end is near.  So, the Jews are watching OUR End Times events to know how close THEIR Messiah is to coming??  Hmmmmmm…that’s pretty messed up!! )