Randy (9 Sep 2011)
"So, ALL 3 of the Top World's Religions Looking for the Return/coming of their Messiah"

Article:  Muslims looking for the return of their Mahdi.
See my comments at the end!
Quote from the article at the end: 
It is clear from all the information in this report that the regime of sanctions against Iran, which has been in place for more than a year now, has not deterred Iran at all.
Quite the contrary: Iran seems to be determined to produce a nuclear weapon and is convinced that all the recent developments in the world are part of a greater plan that will enable the speedy return of the Mahdi.
Obviously Iran is still deceiving the world. This deception  is part of the so called al-Taqiah (Kitman) tactic which derives from a Quranic verse in Sura 3:28 that allows Muslims to lie for the cause of Islam.
From the outset of the Islamic revolution Iran has used Taqiah in the development of it’s nuclear program and the negotiations with the West.
One does not need much imagination to see that the possession of a nuclear weapon by people who hold an apocalyptic religious belief – whereby bringing chaos and war to the world will hasten the return a Shia messiah – is extremely dangerous.
Unfortunately however, it seems that Robert Satloff was right when he observed that the situation in the Arab countries has succeeded in “dulling the collective anxieties about the Iranian threat”.
This might also explain why former Mossad chief Meir Dagan recently issued a very unusual warning to the Israeli government about a military strike against Iran.
It could be that Dagan knows that Israel has finally realized that the world is not going to stop Iran.
My comments:  the underscores above are mine.....
OK....so the Jews, the Muslems and the Christians are ALL looking for the soon return OR First Coming of their Messiah(s). 
We Christians have discovered dates and numbers that "point" to Israel becoming a nation again in 1948.....then, 70 years later, (the length of a generation).....the Second Coming in 2018....and 7 years earlier then, could be the Rapture yet in 2011.  On rosh Hashanah?? 
The Jews see many of those same dates and historical events and prophecies the SAME way.  1948 is critcally important and 70 years out...(the length of a generation?  .... the birthpangs of the Messiach would last 70 years, with the last 7 being the worst------ that would be the Time of Jacob's Trouble??  The Christian Tribulation....from which the church would be saved...)
And, as we have read/seen/heard over the past few years, the Muslims (Iran/Ahmadinijad-president of Iran) see their "Mahdi's" coming as very very near......in fact, the president of Iran believes it is HIS responsibility to create the CHAOS that would then usher in the return.
So.....all 3 prophecies are CONVERGING at the SAME Time.
(I can't find a "date" being set for the Muslims......but, as you know, I have posted about the dates being predicted by many knowledgable Christians and Jews/Kabbalah-ists.
IF the people, both Jews and Christians, looking at 2018 (Jewish Year 5778) are on target.....then it isn't a big leap of faith to subtract 7 years for the Time of Jacob's Trouble/The Tribulation.....to back into 2011.....the fall Jewish Feasts.....Rosh Hashanah...THIS MONTH as the date for the Tribulation. 
AS SOON AS THE IRANIANS HAVE THE NUKE......THEY WILL BE SENDING IT TOWARD ISRAEL.  What....are we NOT to believe what Ahmadinijad has been saying EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS for the last 6 years now????   No, he WILL fire on Israel as soon as possible......
And that day is getting closer......AND ISRAEL KNOWS THAT!!!
Thus all of the military leader's comments over the last few months/years that Iran MUST be stopped before they have nuclear military capability.
1) 3 Leading World Religions looking for their Messiah SOON!
2) Iran and Israel about to tangle....sooner and sooner
3) The LOSS of Leadership by the United States.....with Obama at the helm
4) The continuing/building financial time bomb of all the western nations..
5) The growing Arab Spring.....
6) Israel surrounded on ALL sides by more enemies and LOSING what peace treaties they DID have, as their neighbors come until internal revolt.....more and more, these countries will turn TOGETHER on Israel.  (Iran is making overtures to Egypt to combine their military forces.......and REMOVE Israel together. 
TICK TOCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk