Pineman (26 Sep 2011)
"New Moon Day"

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Dear John & Doves:

I find it interesting that so many are finding Rosh Hashanah to be a major watch day for the resurrection & rapture. As you know Rosh is a new moon day. Some have found Bible verses to support a new moon rapture and with this I agree. Ascension Thursday can occur on a new moon day also but not always.
This can only occur when the last day of Iyyar is on a Thursday and the first day of Sivan is on a Friday. According to reference 1 Ascension Thursday Evening 2013 is the last day of Iyyar and the first day of Sivan with the new moon at 2:30 AM Jerusalem time (see reference 2). There is also an eclipse on Iyyar 1 (see reference 3).