Phil Rogers (9 Sep 2010)
"To Barry and John M."

Thank you both for your replies concerning the timing of when the A.C. may receive his power or ability to do the miraculous signs and wonders that scripture refers to.
Barry, since your reply was more in depth or involved, I will address some of your points within the article referred to below.
Nevertheless, I have been teaching (along with Sherry Vance) since 2006, that the Lord Jesus Christ can only come for the resurrection/ rapture of his church in the midst of the 70th week of Daniel.  There are others now and since 2008 who are saying or trying to teach the same thing.  That is great!  But I see one big flaw that they now leave out.
Especially if they are teaching that the 7 sealed scroll has already been opened.  And that is, Who then are the representation of the 24 elders who are before the throne of God BEFORE the scroll is opened in Revelation 4-5?
Barry, for a heads up on this and WHY Christ can't come before the midst of the 70th week of Daniel, you can find this at my website:
And in the Charts and articles button on the top left you will then find the article of mine which addresses this and other issues.  The article is called "Conspicuously Missing"!  And of course you can get this in either Word or PDF formats.
In looking for Christ's soon return and Kingdom;
Phil Rogers