Paul Wilson (10 Sep 2011)
"Re: My thoughts about the Rapture and the  Final Harvest"

I know I have relatives who are catholic so I have no idea how they feel about the rapture. I wish I could tell them, without it being awkward, that I will take care of their kids till they get there should they miss the rapture. Family is important to me my little cousins mean the world to me and I wouldn't want their parents to worry when they disappear. God will take care of everything I know that. I feel like crew on a sinking ship “you’ve done your duty. there is nothing more for you. head to the life boats”.

Joe Chappell (9 Sep 2011)
"My thoughts about the Rapture and the " Final Harvest ""

Dear Doves,
A few weeks ago, there was a discussion in the Sunday morning bible class I attend regularly about the Rapture. I have tried to keep my comments to a minimum when these discussions occur, as I feel that I generally say way too much, and I sense my friends are growing weary of it.  I really struggle with wanting to just burst out and shout about the nearness sometimes.
The discussion took several turns, and the opinion was expressed that we will not see the Rapture, until the great Harvest of souls promised in the scriptures occurs. I sat there thinking to myself, about the Laodicean Church, of the Last Days, and how I don't see any great Revival in that description. Or the Book of Jude, which many feel is the last description of the Church, just before the Tribulation, again no "Great Last Days Revival" there.
As I said, I was trying to keep my mouth shut, but finally lost the struggle.  When I opened my mouth, I was surprised at what came out.  I began to share about the Holy of Holies, and how that it was originally a threshing floor, purchased by King David.  I told how the place was originally where wheat and chaff were separated, and more , about the first fruits harvest, and how that the Rapture is exactly that,  a harvest of something that is so ready, that it is fairly falling off the vine so to speak.  The "Rapture " is merely the beginning of the " Final Harvest" , that will continue for the next seven years.  The Great Tribulation, is all about the Harvest. The word Tribulation is derived from the word Tribulum, which is a wooden device used to separate the stubborn wheat from the chaff.
In other words, the Great Harvest of Souls, may very well take place after the Rapture. When you think about it, it makes sense.  Can you imagine the first Sunday after the Rapture ? All our dear loved ones we so faithfully prayed for and witnessed to , will now know we were right. They will sit there in the pews in that most dismal of Church services, when the Holy Spirit is absent. Many will know full well what is coming in the next seven years. Many will sit in mortal fear , knowing that they will probaby be forced to die for their faith in order to escape the Mark.  The book of Revelations says " who are these "?
Sometimes I think we are so concerned that a loved one will miss the Rapture, that we miss the most important thing, which is their Salvation !
I am beginning to feel more and more, that there will be so many born again Christians, who will be saved, but will not make the Rapture. I pray that I will make it myself. Someone joked  with me the other day, ( since I have been so out spoken , I am sure ) that maybe I would miss the Rapture, so that I could stay behind and show others the way !  I really didn't appreciate that remark. But don't you know, there will be that dear friend or family member who will rush up to us in Heaven, and catch us with a huge bear hug, and say " Thank You So Much " ! and we will be so surprised and overwhelmed to see them !
I kind of feel that people who will be caught up in the Rapture , will be those Christians, that have that sweet forgiving nature that we all have seen in rare individuals. Just like a piece of delicious ripe fruit, that you can eat right off the vine ! They will be suddenly missing !
Christians who are contentious, back biters, quarrelsome, grumblers, complainers ........I wonder.  Lord anything you see in me , I give you permission to deal with it !
I have come to a new peace about those around me who just don't want to hear it anymore. I say as little about the Rapture as I can , and do my best not to Preach. I have asked the Lord to give me " a Voice ", and by that I mean a voice that will be heard. Whether I am speaking words, or with deeds, if you know what I mean.
Like most of the Doves , I feel that we are down to possibly days, or maybe weeks. I have lost my desire and taste for just about anything worldly. My passion for anything of the flesh has waned to a new low. I hesitate to ask my children if there is anything of mine they want, it sounds a little spooky to them I am sure. It probably won't matter anyhow. I know they will not fight over anything, I really have very little anymore.
I am sad to leave so many dear ones behind sometimes, who will face such horror. At the same time, the joy of seeing Jesus is almost too much to comprehend !  I have given them to God.  His Word will be in their hearts regardless.
Doves,......... Looking forward to meeting you soon !  joechappell