Ola Ilori (30 Sep 2011)

Hi Doves,
Carlos Mwangi, a believer from Nairobi, Kenya, was shown in a trance, that the Rapture will occur at around 18:00 hrs, on a Saturday.
Could the Saturday be the one that falls on this Weekend, the 1st of October 2011?
What's really interesting is that when it's 18:00 hrs in Nairobi, Kenya it will also be 18:00 hrs in Jerusalem - They're in the same time Zone!!!
BG Ellis could be right!
We don't have long to find out!
It happened last year around December. I was in the city center of Nairobi city, I had been sent by my mother to do some errands and I was now on my way back home.
As I was criss crossing shoulder to shoulder I suddenly looked down for I felt very uneasy with my left shoe so I bent down to adjust.
I was very aware of my surroundings suddenly standing up I just froze and looked up and then leveled my head where I could see cars.
They all began crashing simultaneously and there were people falling at the same time because all over, graves were opening.
Directly above, to the direction I was facing, I saw a big angel with big triangular curved elegant wings with a golden trumpet standing in front of other angels and the line of these angels stretched back as far as I could see and he blew the trumpet a second time.
Then I turned to the opposite direction and I saw people flying towards a center and there was JESUS with ANGEL MICHAEL at his side.
It's then that I realised that the heavenly citizens were on opposite sides of the sky.
The music from the trumpet was sweet loud yes but to me it was not blowing off my ear.
I don't remember the tune but it was inviting pulling me up to the clouds.
THE ARCH ANGEL who had the trumpet in front seemed to blow it continuously blowing a long key and the others behind him seemed to play Music but it was pure harmony all the same..the sky light was so bright like goldish yellowish color.
It was around 6:00PM and it was a Saturday.
I noticed looking down that people seemed confused of the noise others were hysterical as if demon possessed because they held their ears and screamed in agony.
It then vanished as quick as it had started.
I closed my eyes and shuck my head.
I seemed to have stepped into eternity(even though I was very much aware of everyone else)...that's when I realised that people were looking at me and then it hit me I was standing right in the middle of the path as if in a trance.

When I got home I prayed to the FATHER to let me know everything.
He let me know that it was my expectancy that was beaming in my spirit ever since I started fellowship with my FB family talking about the rapture and the wedding.
Then later that's when it came to my realisation that ONLY THE READY will hear the trumpet sound as music but the unbelievers due to the commotion with the earthquake and crashing of everything around them.
They will be confused with hysteria because the sound in the sky AND the noise combined will sound like bombs falling on them.
This rapturing will also not take too long in this "TIME existence".
It came to me that it would even take less than even 5minutes.
It will happen so fast and everything will go quiet again.
TO THOSE who will be flying it will be an eternal moment(for eternity has been placed in our hearts according to scripture)
But I'm guessing for those who are left HERE it will be maybe the longest 5 minutes of their entire existence, because I see everything happening so fast yet through their eyes I can see everything happening in slow motion like an ever ending nightmare.

soon people very soon its going to happen so get ready.