Matt (10 Sep 2011)
"The Message Mission - please give a quick read"

Hi John & Doves,

I have been trying to figure out the balance of preparing for disaster, hoping for the rapture, maintaining daily life for my family, and ultimately the realization that I will be standing before the Lord soon
and being accountable for what I have done for the Lord. I am a video producer and God has been challenging me this past year and more an more. Now, as late in the game as it is, God has lead me to starting a ministry project called The Message Mission. 

The Message Mission is simple, encourage and equip local churches to have a Gospel salvation message video online, housed on YouTube and then on the church website and in the Message Mission directory. The thought is this, the local church is a hub in the local community. When the Holy Spirit brings a person to the point of seeking Him, many will turn to a local pastor or church. This day and age they will likely Google it first. When this happens they will hopefully find the local pastor sharing Christ at the top of the list. 

In the event of the rapture, the messages will still be online. It take Google and Youtube a while to sort through and remove all of the "Jesus" videos. The people we know who don't want Jesus now will find Him then, online! The slogan is "Uploading Hope so Hope may be found!". I have currently filmed three messages and have three more lined up. The web address is and we have a Facebook page as well, just getting started. The website is just a temp. 

I want to encourage people to check your church's website, is there a Gospel message? If not, find a camera and grab your pastor and make one. When you're done, email me and I'll set it up on YouTube, I can help with editing or graphics, etc. The message of Jesus will be there when we are long gone! If you're pastor uses his webcam, he can make one himself! Email me with it! 
I posted my first video a while ago on fivedoves, before it officially became my "last days ministry". 
The email is

video sample -
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