Mary Adams (5 Sep 2011)
"Getting Smart in Old Age"


Most people expect dementia to occur in old age.  But when we get old enough to finally learn anything, it appears that notion is wrong.  With most of this generation it is most likely to begin at puberty. 
Likely signs:
Men and women wearing earrings in both ears.
Men and women wearing earrings in their tongues.
Men and women wearing earrings in eyebrows.
1/8th of their skin tatooed.
Thinks of sex every seven minutes. With anyone or anything.
Usually has a vocabulary of only seven words. "God" is one of them.  (Followed by other *%$! words.)
Thinks anyone who believes in God is stupid. but believes in extra-terrestrials and crop circles.
Doesn't attend church, but wears a cross.
"Hangs out".
Dresses with everything "hanging out".
Works with hands--text messaging someone, trying to get another hand-out. Finds it hard. since they cannot spell. 
Cannot remember who George Washington was.
Never heard of Benjamin Franklin.
Can't figure out why they aren't hired.
Takes drugs to get high, then jumps off high-rise buildings.
If they survive, you and I pay for their emergency room visits
Plus their rehab...
Plus their disability...
Plus the welfare of their illegitimate children...
Until us "demented" ones are gone in the Rapture
and there's no one left behind to continue paying for this nonsense
except good 'ol Uncle Sam. 
And he's broke.