Lynn (9 Sep 2011)
"New Wedding Dream"

Hi Everyone!

Since being delivered from those demonic dreams I had been having, sometimes so horrible I would have to get on my knees and ask forgiveness upon awakening for even having such thoughts in my head.......but they were demonic attacks, not my own thoughts.

I have asked the Lord to give me whatever he wishes to give me.  I leave that open for the Lord's interpretation and welcome whatever he has for me.

So lately I have been having silly, pleasant dreams, but almost all of them have a wedding theme, seriously!?!  I don't remember many of them or much of the content, but they seem to go on forever (only means I'm having lots of REM-sleep he he, I'm a sleep technologist).

I think I shared on here I dreamed about Samantha on Sex and the City (I know, shame on me for having watched that - I have repented already :)    ),  having a three year old child and she was trying the persuade the other three girlfriends that this was all very proper and right for her child to be married. Oh the great irony of it being Samantha and not one of the other three characters, because Samantha was the most promiscuous one of them and would not have a child in the first place, in fact, her character had two abortions.   I was right there making the case with her.  What a silly dream, but it made a point in my mind - about being  childlike in our faith.  Remember what Jesus said about that?

Last night I dreamed I was working with a wedding planner and setting up the catering hall for some great person's wedding.  I actually used to do this as a job when I was in college, so I was skilled at setting up the tables, how to fold the napkins into doves or other interesting shapes, and also inspecting the glassware for smudges or fingerprints; then onto serving the food.  Well, in this dream, I was at Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan Island, Honduras (I was just in Roatan in March, and in my mind, Anthony's Key is one of the best places on the island).  I remember sailing around the island in the dream and being part of an "inspection team" examining the presence of sea-life such as dolphins, big sea turtles, the reef and all the colorful fish, to be sure we had the perfect spot on the Island.  So in the dream, this represented being in the best possible location.  I don't remember who the wedding was for, but I instinctively know it was the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God!  EVERYTHING HAD TO BE PERFECT, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!  In this dream, the endless tasks seem to go on and on, and were very laborious.  The meticulous planning seemed to take years.  If something was not perfect, we had to do it all over again or go to Plan B to make it perfection.  In this dream, the wedding coordinator or "manager" was very picky and not satisfied very easily, but it was A-OK because we all knew it had to be perfection.  She was not a taskmaster and we were eager to please.  But I was glad to be doing it.  What a neat dream.  I guess I was an "angel" in the dream, not an invited guest or the Bride.  I know in real life it will be the opposite.

Makes me think of all the extravagant weddings that we have seen and heard of -- Prince William and Katherine for example, and other celebrities - these multi-million dollar extravaganzas.  Well guess what?  They've GOT NOTHING over what we have in store for us!  Jesus and a host of assigned angels have been at this task for two thousand years.  I love to daydream about what it will be like, the foods we will enjoy (and not have to worry about calories or cholesterol or anything), how it will feel to be sitting there with our Lord and friends and family - or if we will be up dancing with our Lord.  The possibilities to dream about are endless.  It can bring tears to my eyes.  I feel sorry for people who buy these "rag" tabloid gossip celebrity magazines (I'm an confessed ex-junkie myself) and are much fascinated with all the made-up gossip about this celebrity and that - and I think a lot of people love to read this stuff because they are envious of that lifestyle and wish they were included in the"privileged few".  Well guess what again?  That would be us!!!  Love that.

Every time I pass by these tabloids in the supermarket or Wal-Mart I smile and think of this - or I think of the mansion that Jesus has built just for me - again, nothing in those tabloid rags, nothing any big celebrity has, will be better than what Jesus has prepared for us, not even close.  I have never owned a home in my earthly life, and I used to be sad about it, like I was missing out on something special, home-ownership.  But I'm OK with it now because I know that I know that I know that I know what is promised to me in the Word.

So no big prophetic dreams for me.  Just pleasant, make-me-happy when I wake up, wedding-themed dreams.  Any other doves having wedding dreams?