Lynn (10 Sep 2011)
"RE: Tony - Evergreen Tree Vow"


I know a miracle can take place in your situation.  You are doing the male-opposite of 1 Peter 3 which was suggested to me from many doves.  Stop the talk, right?  You made a conscious decision in your heart and mind after the Lord whispered to you what to do - and you are implementing it.  No need for words.  The tree as to remind you of your vow......You will win her over with the male-version of the quiet and gentle spirit.  Excellent!!!  Praise Jesus.  I will pray for you Karen.  It is never hopeless.  No one is beyond the reach of the Lord.  What an encouraging message you received!!!!

You encouraged me too! I stopped talking about myself and whining about my needs not being met and learned from all the wise Doves on here that and I can get my spiritual, mental and emotional needs met elsewhere in a Godly way.  The hubby is off the hook, so to speak.  I have freed him to be exactly who he is (Hey, I was no prize before the Lord got a hold of me!) and we will all pray for one another that we can keep our mouths shut.  After not speaking for a week, I determined to have a conversation about only him and what he was doing - he couldn't shut up.  I asked question after question and finally just "listened" to him.  I loved hearing him be so talkative instead of feeling like an animal being backed into a corner and giving me one word answers.  He told me tonight when he comes home on leave in November, he wants to go to a marriage conference, no matter where we have to fly to.........a miracle.  I will share in another post how God providentially arranged things to point to a particular conference.

Let us keep praying for one another and keep encouraging one another.  I will pray for Art too.