Lynn (10 Sep 2011)
"RE:  John M (9 Sep 2011)  & Robert Belanger"


Thank you so much for your words.  It was perfectly said - you opened your mouth (and keyboard) and you delivered the Lords' exact message I needed to hear.  I started bawling (the good kind).  Thank you so very much for the encouragement.  The example of the rodeo cowyboy the end was perfecto! Thank you Doves, I am in perfect peace now over my husband.  You helped me realize the load was too heavy to carry and not even mine to carry.   I finally laid it at His most able and perfectly nail-scarred, bloody feet and asked Him to take it.  He took it and gave me an easier yoke.  The burden is much lighter.  whew!

And also Robert Belanger - still in awe over the Titanic Story - can you imagine if they had put that in the movie?????  Titanic - I can watch over and over again, but I was ignorant of any of the REAL history or stories.  WOW  WOW WOW