Leigh (27 Sep 2011)
"to SUZI"

I read about your car batteries last night.... A few years ago I had a vision about the whole country being covered in darkness.  I was driving in New Zealand at about 8 minutes to 9 pm.  When I stopped at the intersection everything all of a sudden became pitch black.  I was wide awake,  I wasnt even ready to go to sleep.  Then I realised that all the streetlights, all the stars the moon and ALL THE CAR BATTERIES HAVE DIED.  Waiting for the traffic to pass so that I could go in now there wasnt even a single light from any of the many cars.  I put my hand on the key but the ignitian didnt even make a "click" sound.  Everything was like DEAD;  the darkness was so thick and my heart started racing. I have never been so scared in my life. I knew that if this would go on much longer I wouldnt be able to breathe anymore.....  It was like THE EARTH STOPPED!!!!! The next moment I was back on my bed.  People, if I think about it I get dead scared.  It took me about half an hour to calm down. Two years  later I bought a book by John Hagee and he says in this book that Iran has weapons that could freeze anything instantly!!!   This was the first time that I heard about  EMP's.  It is possible that it could work like CME's from the sun. When I read what you said I was thinking about the darkness tomorrow everybody is talking about and boy, I have a kerosine lamp, torches matches and a gas BBQ.  If I just hear about darkness covering the earth I get so scared its unreal... May GOD have mercy on all of us and may the rapture be this week. Israel WILL BE DIVIDED the Bible says so. And Dr Owuor has already said GOD IS FURIOUS.   Lets bow down and seek Him like never before.  John WELCOME BACK WE ALL MISSED YOU SO MUCH... I love you all.  Leigh Australa.