K.S. Rajan (5 Sep 2011)
"Blessed Hope"

1.Will obama win in 2012 presidential race?If he does not win what will be his future status ,since it has been predicted by many that he will assume the role of peace maker even for the whole world?
2.Repeatedly Jack Van Impe has been saying on his TVshow that OBAMA is chosen by Henry Kissenger etc to lead the new world order.Even Ron Rease has tried to prove that he is the person fitting into the role of endtime ruler of the world.Also some more prophetic scholars are pointing toward him.
In view of this thinking as expressed by prophetic men with vision what will be the rapture hopes of the church looking for blessed Hope?I think we can come to know the real trend once US 2012 election race issue is settled by the end of 2011.However our hope in the Lord will not be futile and the church will be watching from midair things happening here on earth.