K.S. Rajan (10 Sep 2011)
"Report by Koenig"

Inside the White House --
Reflection on trip to Israel .... Time for a bold declaration to the world ... Major effort at appeasing Arabs and Palestinians … The enemies of Israel are making their moves and speaking in ominous terms … Shocked by rapid changes in the Middle East… Opposing forces that harm Israel inside the country … Opposing forces that harm Israel outside the country … Israel has many enemies … Israel’s supporters in the United States … Jewish Journalists inside and outside Israel are endangering the country, their writings are being used by enemies of Israel … Secular vs. religious conflict in Israel … Israel's government prefers a practical solution and not a biblical one with the Land
Retired Israeli General says Iran must be dealt with militarily, there are no other options …
News Briefs -- War on Terror continues to cost Americans more than Bin Laden could have imagined ... Europe struggling with pending banking crisis ... Second recession possible ... Libya will likely become Islamic (Sharia) State ... Obama Administration admits supporting al Qaeda in Libya ... UN giving Palestinian Authority “state” status while slighting Israel at General Assembly