Kevin Heckle (10 Sep 2011)
"Day: From the Heavens"



The Interpretation in plain English 

Mat 24:35 KJV - [35] Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

The Youtube link you provided is a man only parroting Bro. Riley’s article.  He makes no such effort to interpret the passage, just what he’s heard from Bro. Riley.  According to the Youtuber, somehow the passage was remolded into saying this:  The heaven will approach the earth but my words shall not pass away.  That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.  In both the first and second half of the sentence, the word ‘pass away’ is the exact same word.  Should we read it to say ‘the heaven shall approach the earth but my word shall not approach’?  I also don’t understand how he separates the ‘heavens AND earth’, which are tied together by the conjunction AND.  Separating them to say the heaven approaches the earth is a gross manipulation of what the Lord actually spoke.  We are held accountable for every idle word we speak.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be guilty of twisting Jesus’ sentence.

Mat 12:36 KJV - [36] But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

The Contrasting ‘BUT’

Do you not see the obvious contrast in the Lord’s sentence, ‘The heavens and earth shall pass away, BUT my Word shall not pass away’?  The word BUT in the sentence delineates a CONTRAST of the FIRST PART OF THE SENTENCE.  Consequently the second part of the sentence, which includes the words SHALL NOT, infers the opposite of the first part.  

Example:  The cow shall pass over the moon BUT the chicken shall not pass over the moon.  The cow shall, but the chicken shall not.  The ‘pass over’ part in the first and second half of the sentence mean the same thing.  However, the ‘shall and shall not’ describes contrasting result tied by the conjunction BUT.   Shall = the positive; BUT = contrast; Shall not = the negative.  

‘The heavens AND the earth shall pass away but my Words shall not pass away’ said Jesus.  He was NOT making a reference to the vaporous Niburu.


Falling Skys

Day, I certainly believe the Bible where it specifically says something will fall or come from the heavens. As for the meaning of the first and second trumpets: “hail and fire mingled with blood”, sounds to me like molten red lava falling inside our atmosphere; and a “burning mountain cast into the sea”, sounds like a volcanic eruption – like the Krakatoa eruption but much bigger, in one of our oceans.  The third of course is the celestial object ‘burning like a lamp’ which certainly will fall from the *heavens.  I could be wrong, but we’ll see.  After it all happens, we’ll know for sure.

*There are three heavens in the Bible: 1st heaven = our immediate atmosphere; 2nd heaven = space where the sun, moon and stars dwell; and the 3rd heaven = the heaven where the Lord Jesus is, glory land, paradise, etc. (2nd Corinthians 12:1-4).

At the current well-measured trajectory, the tiny Elenin poses no threat to earth.  That is not to say it couldn’t break-up as it approaches the sun and then, who knows?  It could be that Elenin then becomes the Wormwood (absinthia) which poisons our waters.  That would only be SPECULATION at this point in time though.  God’s Word is ABSOLUTE, but to say Elenin is thee Wormwood can only be SPECULATION.  Do you see the difference?

My problem with Niburu is, it DOES NOT EXIST AS DESCRIBED.  There is no brown dwarf star currently coursing through our inner solar system.  There are no real astronomers reporting it and more simply, we cannot see it in our skys.  An object the size of Jupiter or larger (which it must be to be a brown dwarf) would REFLECT THE SUN’S LIGHT just like every other celestial object in our solar system.  The tiny Elenin is a great example: It is like a grain of sand compared to Jupiter, yet astronomers can photograph the tiny comet millions of miles away because it reflects the light of the sun.  Yet no astronomer has ever produced a picture of a foreign object the size of Jupiter coursing through the inner solar system.  We live on a ball so matter which direction this Niburu would be coming from, if it were that big, somebody would SEE IT.  It is as vaporous as the wind of doctrine describing it. 

Another misnomer that I didn’t address yesterday regarding the ‘3630 year’ period that this Niburu is supposed to have.  How could you know it has a 3630 year period unless it has been observed twice? 

Will something come?  Yes.  Will something fall FROM the heavens? ABSOLUTELY.  No one here at the Dove’s forum disputes the catastrophes that will befall our planet during the Tribulation.


In Christ,

Kevin Heckle