Judith (26 Sep 2011)
"Study of 37 DAYS - September 28/29"

Hello Watchers -
In the Calendar Study that I've been involved with now for several years, the one consistent element
that is striking are the precise usages of various cycles and patterns.   Eventually they form a giant
numerical puzzle. Putting the pieces together so they make sense is challenging, to say the least.
The question I ask is - do the patterns become more than just a coincidence and provide us with
sound evidence toward developing a timeline with any amount of accuracy?  I believe the answer
is yes.   So to that end, I'd like to share a portion of my most recent findings.  I hope this will be
as exciting for you as it has been for me.
Before I bring you to the remarkable explanation of the 37 days and what appears to be a most
amazing factor for us today in our efforts to determine a possible date for the Rapture and
Tribulation, we first need to backtrack to the beginning of our current time of 2011 years.  Please
note this is an ongoing study and thereby new evidence may develop which doesn't negate the
findings I'm showing here, but only add to the evidence and form a more complete puzzle.  And
once again, this is a study that is in no way a "Thus saith the Lord", so discernment is needed.
It's another timetable that I've established as a POSSIBILITY for the Rapture and Tribulation.  It
is pretty remarkable, IMO, as to how some dates correspond with significant Biblical dates
given to us in scripture while others match perfectly with other historical dates of importance that
I've calculated based on the Genesis geneology record. See link below.
The September 28/29/30 date may finally be THE DATE Watchers have been waiting for.  Time will
tell.  The following information is presented for your consideration and discernment.
1948.2 YEARS -
On May 14/15,1948 Israel regained their nationhood status thereby fulfilling Bible prophecy.
That year is calculated on the 365.25/day cycle (1948.2).  Contrary to what many think, the 360/day
cycle is relevant and without that cycle it's impossible to arrive at a 6000 + timeline with any accuracy.
Therefore, when we translate the May 14/15, 1948 cycle into the 360/day cycle we arrive at the
date of February 18/19, 1976 yrs. ((1976.7)  These two dates are relevant to this study, so keep
these dates in mind as we continue.
On June 9/10, 70.2 a.d. the temple was destroyed - (365.25/day).
That same date equates to June 18/19, 71.2 a.d. on the 360/day.
70.2 June 9/10   +  1948.2  =  2018.4  =  August 22/23, 2018  (365.25/day)
71.2 June 18/19 +  1976.6  =  2047.8  =  January 29/30, 2047.8 on 360/day (our 2018)
70.2 June 9/10   +  1941.2  =  2011.4  =  August 22/23,2011 (365.25/day)   
71.2 June 18/19 +  1969.5  =  2040.7  =  December 22/23, 2040.7 on 360/day  (our 2011)
August 22, 2011..4  +  37 days  =  September 28/29, 2011.5      -  RAPTURE? (365.25/day)
December 22/23, 2040.7  +  37 days  =  January 29/30, 2040.8  -  RAPTURE? (360/day)
September 28/29, 2011  +  19 days  =  October 17/18, 2011.6    -  TRIBULATION? (365.25/day)
January 29/30, 2040.8    +  19 days  =  February 18/19, 2040.9  -  TRIBULATION? (360/day)
NOTE:  The February 18/19 date corresponds to the February 18/19 date above in the year 1976.7
when Israel regained nationhood status, while the September 28/29 date happens to fall on
Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah.
End of Tribulation -
7 years on the 360/day = 6.9 on the 365.25.  The 7 year date count on the 360/day doesn't
change from the beginning date of February 18/19, 2047.8, but the date on the 365.25/day does.
We need to subtract 35 days for the calendar difference in 7 years along with 2 leap days = 37
days.  October 17/18  -  37 days   =  September 10/11 - the possible birth date for Jesus?
September 10/11, 2018  +  30 days  =  October 10/11, 2018  **
February 18/19, 2047.9  +  30 days  =  March 18/19, 2048. (Jesus' Resurrection Mar. 17/18)
**  While the date for the Acension was April 26/27 on the 365.25/day, the date on the 360/day  =
October 10/11 in my Calendar Study.
October 10/11, 2018   +  45  days   =   November 24/25, 2018 on the 365.25/day ***
March 18/19, 2048  +   45 days      =   May 3/4, 2048.1 on the 360/day.  ****
***  November 24 is a special day for the nation of Israel according to Haggai 2:10-19 - the
24th day of the ninth month.  The word says "from this day forward I will bless you".
****  May 3/4 is 3 days from Pentecost on the 365.25/day - May 6/7.
So, for the purpose of this study, the tribulation would end  November 24/25, 2018 on the 365.25/day
and May 3/4 2048.1 on the 360/day.
Considering the fact that the 1948.2 cycle is repetitively consistant in this study, which is true
for all the other cycles and patterns as well, shouldn't there be an established pattern regarding
the 37 DAYS?  You would think so in order to maintain the same value of consistancy.  In other
words has 37 days just popped up for the first time in what has otherwise been a constant series of
patterns/cycles?  The answer is no, and here's where it gets really interesting.
NOAH -  The Ark of Safety..........
The "Ark of Safety" from the flood typifies Jesus as our "Ark of Safety" from the Tribulation- IMO.
Let's go back to Noah and the time of the flood.  Recall in Genesis 7 the time frame before the
actual flood.  Noah was instructed to go into the Ark of safety (which represents Jesus who is
our Ark of safety) and in 7 days the flood began.  The date given for the flood was the 17th day
in the second month (April).  That means he entered the Ark on April 10.  *
EXODUS  -  The LAW and the FIRST TRUMP ...................
After leaving Egypt in the first month on the 14th day (March 14) and arriving at Mt. Sinai in the
3rd month, the same day (14th) Exodus 19:1, God instructed Moses to prepare the people and
be ready the 3rd day for when He (God) would come down to the people.  That date was May 17
3 days after arriving at Mt. Sinai - Exodus 19:10 - 37 days from the flood of Noah (not counting
years) to the 1ST TRUMP!
Now for the explanation of 37 DAYS. First of all let me tell you what I've realized in doing this
study.  The specific dates the Bible gives -  such as the time of the Flood and the Exodus,
appear to have a special commemorative meaning and purpose throughout history.  The May 14,
1948 year is a perfect example.   The dates don't change, they stay the same, unlike our calendar
which changes according to the cycles of the moon. For that reason the 37 days that exist between
the flood date of Noah and the FIRST TRUMP are still meaningful and revelant for us today.  I believe
God has marked these special days to be days of remembrance and not to be forgotten.   So here
are the 37 days that I believe might have some purpose for us today - specifically in this study.
Noah entered the ARK OF SAFETY on April 10 and years later God stepped down from heaven at
the FIRST TRUMP - on May 17.  Not counting the years, there are exactly 37 days between
the two events.  Therein lies the significance of 37 DAYS  for us in this, our time of fulfillment, for
the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ who comes for His Church, His precious Bride, at this time to
take us home to glory - for from August 22/23 to September 28/29 is another eventful 37 DAYS.  But
this time not an ark floating on water providing safety from a world-wide flood, but our Heavenly Ark of
promise Jesus Christ our Blessed Hope to RAPTURE us and meet us in the air.  We'll be .floating
up to the sky to meet our ARK OF SAFETY - JESUS at the LAST TRUMP representing those who have
deliverance from the LAW given at Mt. Sinai after the sounding of the FIRST TRUMP and to escape
the horrific 7 years of tribulation for we, through Jesus,have been accepted by His GRACE to enter the
Heavenly Realm for eternity.
Picture it this way.........
Then:   -   ARK          FLOOD         MT SINAI LAW    FIRST TRUMP
Now:   -   JESUS   TRIBULATION          GRACE        LAST TRUMP
So there you have it - a study on 37 days, law and grace 1st and last trump, Mt. Sinai, Flood,
Rapture, Tribulation, etc.  Hope it has been a blessing.
* There is debate over which month is the "second" month given in Genesis.  Most scholars
have adopted April as being the second month, while others with equal vehemence adamantly
suggest October as the second month.  For purposes of this study and because I strongly believe
that month was April, the calculations presented are conditioned upon the month of April.
Blessings to all Watchers,
Calendar Study:  http://ofureyslibrary.7p.com/Sect.%201.html