Joe Callaway (27 Sep 2011)
"Comet Elenin, and War of the Worlds"


When War of the Worlds was broadcast in Oct of 1938, people fled in mass panic believing this attack was real. It was an interesting study in mass manipulation, and mass control. The information being posted on Elenin, reminds me of this saga. A majority of the intel is based on pseudo astronomy, with cheaply produced youtube vids. As a person who posts youtube vids, you can make a video on virtually anything. I have researched Elenin extensively, and concluded long ago, this is nothing more than a comet. Alot of videos were posted about September 26, 2011 as the beginning of the 3 days of darkness by this comet; colossal earthquakes due to this alignment. Neither has manifested, I actually debated a youtube poster who ran a chat channel in Paltalk, by the name of Terral03, now those who have been watching the youtube videos on Elenin, should recognize this name. I will not go into details of the debate since Terral03 cannot defend his position, but I will say this... I came the conclusion all of his information was based on faulty science, and pseudo intel. As a Christian who firmly believes the Rapture, and the 2nd Coming of Christ is very close at hand... It pains me to see so many of my brethren being caught up in this fiasco. The bible will never let you down, men sure as the sun rises, will.

This comet has been linked to Nibiru, an intelligently controlled spacecraft, a rogue planetoid, and sadly even Jesus. With all the craziness surrounding this object, discerning christians should not link this material to christianity. It really hurts our witness. GBU and Maranatha