Jim Bramlett (9 Sep 2011)
"Five Dove birth pangs!"


The number of posts on Five Doves lately has increased significantly, greatly increasing your workload.  I know you are a young father with a full-time job, so this ministry of yours is not easy and is obviously burdensome.  Please know that we appreciate all that you do.  Also, give our love and appreciation to your dear wife, for putting up with you!

The increased number of posts to me may be another sign of the Lord's soon return.  It's like Five Dove birth pangs!

You have been very faithful for many years to keep this site going six days a week.  Thanks for all you have done, and do.

Also, thank God for what He is doing in Singapore, and all the fruit that is coming forth from there.

Hopefully, we will soon all reminisce in glory when we hold a Five Doves reunion.  Be prepared to make a speech!

God bless you, dear friend.  Be encouraged.  A reward awaits you.

Thanks, Jim! I hope our millenium-long vacation will start before the year runs out! Unfortunately, meanwhile I need to take a 2-week break due to work. :(