Jay (5 Sep 2011)
"Fox News Connects The Earthquakes also . . Says CA is Next Any Day.!!!!"

Just like some have realized on youtube.. The Chile Quake, The Christs Church Quake and THe Japan Quake are goin in a clockwise motion and were all 187 days apart.. That puts CA next around September 15th!!! Even Fox News draws a diagram and says "look" CA looks like its next..Right inside that box is also where the Red X appears in Google sky from Comet Elenin.. If there is nothing to all of this, this is one of the most weird things i have ever seen..
If  we get a 9.0 quake or bigger and hundreds of thousands die in CA there will be anarcy in America.. That is my prediction if this happens.. If LA is flattened I would veture to say that the ecnonmy would emplode. And throw in a middle east all out war with Israel and Syria invasion  at the same time etc...and you would have a good start to the beginning of the tribulation...just a guess..