Jay (10 Sep 2011)
"!!!!!!!!!! Israel stands in grave peril of the region's two top Muslim powers lining up at the head of its enemies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

http://debka.com/article/21288/ Unbelieveable how fast Israel's enemies are aligning against them..
Israel stands in grave peril of the region's two top Muslim powers lining up at the head of its enemies - - -Egypt and Turkey....Will sign military agreements with each other this coming week.. Turkey put Obama on notice that relationship with U.S depends on if U.S keeps helping Israel - - The Egyptian government declared a state of emergency early Saturday, Sept. 10 as thousands of demonstrators using sledgehammers smashed through the wall outside the Israeli embassy, broke into the building and dumped the flag and hundreds of documents through the windows...

The Egyptian government after declaring an emergency sent armored vehicles to the burning building and cut off the power in the street. The demonstrators set up barricades in the streets around the embassy building and attacked police vehicles and other vehicles with Molotov cocktails. They moved on then to attack a police station.
Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon, his family and staff were taken from their homes in Cairo to await the military plane which evacuated them. US President Barack Obama expressed concern at the attack and told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu he was taking steps to help resolve the situation without further violence.
He called on the Egyptian government to honor its international obligations to safeguard the embassy. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak asked US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for assistance in safeguarding the building.

The attack came two days before a scheduled visit by the Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan to Cairo amid an escalating Turkish diplomatic offensive against Israel which the US is seeking to contain.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood whipped up the Israeli embassy attack to show the military rulers in Cairo who calls the shots and pressure them into breaking off three decades of peace ties with the Jewish state. 
The Turkish leader set the scene for the rampage in Cairo by his spiraling anti-Israel hate campaign which is winning him popularity on the Arab Muslim street.
Not only have Egyptian-Israeli ties entered a crisis phase, so have US relations with the Arab world.

Erdogan's campaign has derailed America's Middle East policy by placing its key allies Turkey and Israel on a course of military collision.  He is putting Washington on notice that Turkey's friendship and support in the region is contingent on the US turning against Israel.

Israel is taken back 32 years to the seventies when it stood out as the only pro-Western outpost of democracy in the Middle East beset by Arab enemies. The burning of the Israeli embassy in Cairo means that Ambassador Levanon will not return to his post in a hurry, the temperature of relations with Egypt will drop from cold to frigid and Israel can forget about the resupply of natural gas.
Already, the military junta instead of battling the terrorists at large in Sinai, including al Qaeda, has forged deals with them and left them in control of the inflammable Israeli border area.

The Egyptian rulers' policy of appeasement for the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremists has backfired against them too. The spreading extremist violence climaxing in the attack on the Israeli embassy augurs the further breakdown of their authority. As well as an outrage against Israel and setback for US influence, it confronts the generals with their moment of truth: Their failure to deal with the rioters, who quickly vented their fury on police vehicles and buildings, will pave the way for Muslim extremist control of Egypt. Israel stands in grave peril of the region's two top Muslim powers lining up at the head of its enemies.