Jana Miller (27 Sep 2011)

Thank you so much John for this website, and I am also very grateful to all the Doves who have participated in sharing and watching. It will be so wonderful to finally meet all of you ,hopefully soon.
Now for the dream...2 nights ago I dreamt I was hearing music (Does anyone remember the music from "KISMET", a musical of the 50's?) There is a song called "Night of My Nights", with a lyric that says something about showing the way to the bridal chamber...well, in my dream the music was something like that music, only so much more beautiful and hard to describe. Suddenly, I can see a procession with lanterns or lights in the distance, and the music is getting louder, and I know it is the bridegroom at last.. and I am the bride. I am sooo excited I start yelling ,"He is coming!! The bridegroom is coming!!" I thought I should finish the last touches of preparation. I am already dressed in a beautiful jeweled wedding dress. It is not a traditional white dress like we are accustomed to, It is more like this amazing light tapestry  with threads of gold, and jewels sewn through it. I really cannot describe it,I also had a beautiful veil that was like spun gold with diamonds or something. I felt so lovely.. even though I am a grandmother and am 61 yrs.!! Suddenly, my attention is drawn to my sister ( I am unsure about her salvation). She says to me," You are not really going to leave are you?" I find that she is distracting me so I tell her I need to finish getting ready and to please stop it because I still need to brush my teeth, and I must hurry so I am ready when HE calls for me. I may not be conveying this very well, but I was so happy when I woke up. I grant you ,the brushing teeth part was odd.